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We are a full service WordPress design and development agency in London

As a London WordPress agency, we’re dedicated to bring your website to life and ensuring that you will be exactly where your audience need to find you. WordPress specialists, we work closely with you to ensure that we meet all of your objectives, whether that’s a completely new website that focuses on user experience or providing ongoing WordPress support services.


WordPress web design is more than having immersive UI and aesthetically pleasing pages. Today, it’s about engaging visitors through each stage of website browsing on multiple devices and ranking for key terms used on search engines. We are a WordPress agency based in London, backed by a team of dynamic, experienced, and creative web designers, and we have the skill to design a website that is easy to use and a conversion magnet.

What sets us apart as a WordPress agency is that our designs not only capture the attention of your visitors, but visitors engage with the site and stay connected throughout their user journey.


We offer a 360-degree comprehensive WordPress web design service. We work with premium themes and offer WordPress development for customised builds that will suit your needs and requirements. In addition, we ensure to make your website easily manageable.

Our robust 10+ years of WordPress web design & development experience have made us one of the best London WordPress web design agencies. We actively work with companies across London, helping them implement their digital strategy by providing ongoing WordPress support services and consultancy.

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We understand that maintaining a WooCommerce website can be tricky, but when you hire our WordPress & WooCommerce experts, we solve all the challenges you may face and provide you with an eCommerce platform that is easy to manage and unlocks the full potential to generate more revenue. With our professional WordPress services, you can easily manage your online store and start selling products online.

As a WordPress development agency based in London, we are used to working with a diverse & vibrant business community, our e-commerce & WooCommerce experts are skilled coders. We’ll develop an eCommerce platform that is easy to use, easy to manage and unlocks your full brand potential and supports your growth to fulfil your digital strategy.

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As a WordPress agency based in London, we know how hard it is to rank in a highly competitive industry and location. Not only have we built a business based on organic reach, we are also experts in building, creating a website structure and optimising for search engines using SEO.

Implementing a digital strategy & build your brand awareness in the right way by leveraging our search engine optimisation service. We can help you increase both the quantity and quality of your website traffic. Cude Design has helped multiple businesses reach page 1 of Google search results. By hiring the right SEO expert, you can optimise your business website to have enhanced visibility.


We offer a range of ongoing WordPress support services to ensure your website remains updated and secure. Our two most popular services are as follows:

WordPress Security & Maintenance

Not updating the plugins or the WordPress installation can leave your website vulnerable. Being a WordPress agency, we have encountered many clients who have ignored the security of their website until a vulnerability has been found. Our monthly service includes your installation it is kept up to date, secure and backed up.

Ongoing WordPress Support

If your website needs maintenance and updating throughout the month, we can provide a set number of hours of WordPress support. This ensures we are available to implement your ongoing changes and provide guidance when it is needed.

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The Site Agent

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We are a dedicated WordPress agency specialising in building bespoke websites for start ups and established businesses based across London.

As WordPress web design and development experts we have been working with, and supporting, businesses predominantly in both Surrey and London for 13 years. During this time, we have grown from a single freelancer to an enthusiastic, dedicated team of 7, working remotely in the southeast of the UK.

Currently, with over 150  active clients, our aim is to continue to grow while still providing the same high standard, personalised WordPress web design and development services and support we have become known for. Working with businesses looking for a WordPress web design agency in London, our developers deliver digital services and support that exceed expectations.

Being a full-service WordPress agency, means we solely focus on everything to do with WordPress development and support for our clients. Building off a strong digital strategy, We work with both start-ups and established businesses to deliver websites with the user experience as a core focus of each project.

As well as providing digital WordPress web design and development, our agency offers ongoing services to ensure your website remains optimised and you receive the support and services you require for your projects so you can concentrate on your business and clients, rather than your online presence.

Let's work together!

Merging visionary design & with a dedicated development team, providing reliable support to start ups and enterprise WordPress websites.

Find out what some of our great clients had to say about us! All reviews can be seen on our Google Local page.

We enjoyed working with Cude Design on our new website.. The process was highly collaborative and they were very responsive to changes and questions. The whole process was very smooth, at least from our side and the end result was very professional. Highly recommend.

Jackie PenticostPeaches and Calm

Really great and helpful service. Wes quickly sorted out any revisions i wanted and i am very happy with the whole experience. Definitely would recommend. Had nothing but good experience with Cude Design, very helpful and quick to fix any problems!

Joseph WardleeCommerce Website

Cude have been great throughout the process so far - The website is looking amazing and there has been great communication every step of the way as well as the turn around time on each part of the process being extremely quick.

Amreth SharmaeCommerce Website


How much does a WordPress website cost to make?

Building a WordPress website needs expertise. A lot will depend on what type of WordPress website you want us to build because that will directly be correlated to the cost. Please tell us about the design you want, development requirements, etc., so that we can tell you about the price. Kindly note that the cost will vary from one website to another. Contact us to discuss.

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When should I choose a bespoke WordPress web design over a premium theme?

The significant difference between a premium theme and a bespoke WordPress is that a premium theme will have WordPress’s functionality and layout. In comparison, a bespoke website design will be a unique website and have custom functionalities. Therefore, the investment required for a premium theme will be lesser than a customized WordPress website. Moreover, a premium theme is ideal for small businesses who want to launch their website quickly, and bespoke websites are the right choice for those who wish to have more freedom when it comes to user experience.

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Do you offer search engine optimisation (SEO)?

Yes, Cude Design offers SEO services. We understand that only developing and designing a WordPress website will not make you visible. However, SEO plays a crucial role in creating a website visible. After completing your website, if you want, you can talk to us about developing an SEO strategy. We will divide our work into two crucial parts: on-site and off-site SEO to enhance your organic search results.

Making SEO Easy To Understand

How much does an Ecommerce web design cost to make?

An e-commerce website will have many elements to look into. The number of products you want to be marketed, payment gateway, and additional features you would like. Based on that, the price for your e-commerce website will be decided.

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Do you offer social media marketing?

Unfortunately, we are not offering social media marketing services at the moment. However, we do offer social media consultancy as well as lead generation services.

What areas do you provide your web design services to?

Although we are located in London and Surrey, our clients are from the UK and the USA. The majority of the clients are from South East of England, but we offer our services to international clients. No matter where you are located, you can contact us for our website design service.

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