Reliable WordPress Support & Maintenance

Stress-free WordPress management, saving you time and stress. Let us take care of your website for you.

Your Problem

While running your own business is hard and time-consuming, trying to keep on top of your website can be difficult and time-consuming. That is where we come into it, we can save you time and the trouble trying to solve issues you have no experience with.

Our Solution

While running your own business is hard and time consuming, trying to keep on top of your website can be difficult and time consuming. That is where we come in to it, we can save you time and the trouble trying to solve issues you have no experience with.

Keep on reading to find exactly how we can save you time and stress by actively managing your WordPress website, ensuring the smooth running of your online business.

Whether you need Ad-Hoc support of a dedicated set amount of hours, easily open support tickets with our dedicated team.


Each month we ensure your WordPress installations are up to date, backups are made and WordPress security in place.


Our premium WordPress Security package ensures your website is protected against the most common methods of attack and vulnerabilites.

WordPress Backups

Weekly database backups are made and monthly full backups are created to ensure we have a ‘plan b’ if your website is attacked.

Secure WordPress Hosting

We offer a managed dedicated server hosting package with only Cude Design clients hosted on the server based in the UK.

Monthly WordPress Changes

Does your website require a dedicated set amount of hours each month? We can provide this to you too and ensure we are on hand to help!

I cannot be any happier with the Cude Design team. They have made it possible for me to get back to focusing on my project rather than be in constant fear of my technical shortcomings. I really do feel as if I’m in safe hands with a genuine partner.

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Have some questions?

Read some of our frequently asked questions regarding WordPress Support, Maintenance and Hosting.

Do you provide Ad-Hoc Support & What Are Your Rates?

Each of our clients have different requirements. Some require monthly, ongoing support and other clents we may only hear from one every couple of months. If you require ad-hoc support, you can simply open a support ticket by emailing our support email address.

If there are a number of changes, we will provide a quotation and seek approval before carrying out the changes. If it is emergency support you require, we shall carry out asap.

Our hourly rate is £70 excl VAT.

Do you offer WordPress Hosting and what is the cost?

We offer WordPress hosting to our clients. Your website will be hosted on a managed dedicated server with only Cude Design clients. The server is located in the UK and weekly backups are made. Our hosting costs £245 per year with a maintenance charge of £25 per month. Prices exclude VAT.

What Is Included In Your WordPress Maintenance Package?

WordPress and any plugins installed on your website in regulararly updating to ensure they are kept up to date and your website remains secure. We provide a monthly service to ensure your website is secure and kept up to date, this includes the following:

Premium WordPress Security

Weekly Database Backups & Monthly Full Backups

Updated Of Your WordPress & Pluin Installations on the first week of each month

This service is billed at £25 per week excluding VAT.

Do You Offer A Monthly Retainer?

Most Certainly! Some websites need more attention than others. Because of this we offer monthly retainer packages in sets of 3, 5 or 7 hours. Any hours not used within a set month will be rolled over to the following month to ensure you have the oppotunity to use your hours. Our hourly rate is £70 excl VAT.

Not sure what support or maintenance package would suit your WordPress website? Get in touch with us and we can advise on the best option for you!