Opensea Integrated NFT Marketplace Selling Popular NFT Collections

Being WordPress specialists, we were super excited to build a fully functional NFT marketplace website using the internet’s number 1 content management system. Using the Opensea API, we have built a powerful NFT marketplace while also giving you the power to easily manage the website, with the familiarity of WordPress.

The website automatically syncs with Opensea, pulling in selected NFT collections, ensuring the pricing and descriptions are matched to the Opensea website. The end-user can connect to The NFT Drop using their MetaMask wallet and purchase one of the available NFT collections.

In addition to this, we have utilised the standard WordPress upload feature to add and create NFTs, integrating IPFS storage. Combining this functionality has created a powerful NFT marketplace while using the internet’s best content management system.


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NFT Marketplace, Opensea Integration, MetaMask Login, WordPress Build

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