NFT Collection of Sakoso Monsters: Mystical Creatures From A Time Long Gone By

Sakoso Monsters are an NFT collection made up of 5000 indivdual NFTs. The collection of Sakoso Monsters was designed by us, including 15 unique traits, and when combined, create a collection of 5000 NFTs available to mint and trade via Opensea.

The website includes a minting function built on the Polygon blockchain, providing the user with lower gas fees when minting. The end-user can connect their Metamask wallet to mint an NFT from the collection using MATIC. Once purchased, the NFT automatically appears in their Metamask wallet and can be sold via an NFT marketplace such as Opensea.

The website includes a marketplace to trade Sakoso Monsters, this utilises the Opensea API to facilitate the NFT marketplace functionality.


Sakoso Monsters

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What We Did

NFT collection design, Metamask integration, Minting page, Polygon and Opensea integration.

Sakoso Monster - Opensea Integration
Sakoso Monsters - NFT Collection by Cude Design
Sakoso Monsters - NFT Minting Page