Project Overview

Based only a stones throw away from our office, Medina Publishing were looking to refresh their old website. Built on a free WordPress theme, it was part of a multi-site which was messy to say the least.

Our job was to first reimagine Medina Publish but to then succesfully integrate the 8+ websites to work as a multi-site.

The new Medina Publishing website was built using the premium WordPress theme Pustaka. The theme gave us a good amount of flexability to not move too far away from the branding of Medina Publishing but to create a fresh website which was an remarkable improvement on their old one.

WooCommerce plays an integral part of the website, however no checkout function is available. It was a great project to work on and we always like to know that we have helped businesses which are located so closely to us.


Medina Publishing

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What We Did

WordPress Theme, WooCommerce, WordPress Multi-Site

WooCommerce Website Design for Publishing Company