Football Fan Rights Website To Promote Awareness Against Ownership

Love United Hate Glazer (LUHG) focuses on protesting against the owners of Manchester United, a club. Much of the money used by the Glazer family came from club assets, which incurred significant interest payments. This all culminated to create the European Super League Fiasco. The website’s goal was the promote awareness for all of that, and we think we did a great job here.

The rise in football fan tv channels on YouTube, and the coinciding problematic ownership of football clubs culminated in the European Super League fiasco. This website has been established to promote awareness around the Glazer’s management of Manchester United, and show support for the Manchester United team.

Built with WordPress and WooCommerce, this is a non-profit Ecommerce store to raise funds for further paid ads and promotion with their #GlazersOut t-shirt. Striking imagery and strong colours communicate a strong message that aims to rally the proud supporters of Manchester United Football Club.


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