Project Overview

Sarah Vrancken from Kalm Pilates approached us with awesome concept for an online pilates business. Having been told to find a ‘WordPress Specialist’, Sarah luckily sumbled upon us 🙂

Kalm Pilates has been an ambitious project which has been completed in segments over the last two years. The first step was to complete the blog section which allowed Sarah to begin creating fresh content and build a following on social media networks.

Once completed the hard work began for us! Kalm Pilates is a membership website which allows users to sign up for a one off programme. Each programme is made up of a number of instructional videos which are released periodically over a 3 month period.

We created a bespoke WordPress website, integrated with Vimeo to handle video streaming and Stripe to handle the payment gateway. It has been an ambitious project, launching in December 2017.


Kalm Pilates

Website Address

What We Did

Bespoke WordPress Website, Vimeo Integration, Stripe Integration, WooCommerce

Bespoke WordPress Website by Cude Design