Cutting Edge Space Technology & Data Analytics

HSAT helps organisations make better decisions using the latest in satellite technology, along with cutting-edge data analytics. With solutions that benefit a wide range of industries, from financial traders and insurers to farmers and NGOs, HSAT services include advice, intelligence and research, monitoring and predicting.

This B2B website is a re-design of HSAT’s previous website and has been used to pitch to the European Space Agency. Featuring a bespoke design, it is a custom WordPress build that guides the user on a journey. The smooth transitions throughout the site, along with the integration of satellite images for visual impact and the reorganisation of the sitemap from the previous website make the site intuitive to navigate.


HSAT Space

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Bespoke design and custom build using WordPress, reorganisation of sitemap to support the user journey.

HSAT - Website Design by Cude Design