Digital Control Room Provides Smart Frameworks To Guide Businesses Through Data Governance & Privacy Compliance.

Digital Control Room’s software tools allows legal and compliance teams to effectively manage complex regulatory obligations.

Digital Control Room provided an advanced wireframe from which we used as a guide, improving the placement of elements to ensure the website is optimised for the user journey.

Utilising WordPress as the content management system, the new website is a custom build. Our core task was to reduce the amount of clicks the user has to make to find the webpage they are looking for. Our target was to reduce this to a maximum of two clicks.

As part of the redesign, we utilised our expertise in coversion rate optimisation, providing advice and recomendations to improve conversions via the website. This will included a review of the navigation, an emphasis put on ‘Call to Actions’ and improvement to forms.


Digital Control Room

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Bespoke & Custom Built WordPress Website

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