Project Overview

We cannot take all the credit for ‘Compass 4 Couples’, the project was started by another agency but 12 months down the line, the project was lagging and completion looking unlikely.

We have picked up many projects over the course of the year which needed a final push to get over the finishing line. The majority of the website was done, but core design aspects were left wanting and key functionality had yet to be developed.

3 hours were dedicated to running through the website, checking functionality and creating notes for additional improvements to both the design and UX.

In particular, the membership area was not suitable for the end user. Built using WooCommerce, the theme was using the standard layout which would make it difficult for the end user to use their subscriptions and manage their account.

Overall, we tidied up the front end of the website and designed/redeveloped the membership area to improve the usability for all signed up members. Having waited nearly a year and a half to launch, we are glad to have provided the service to get this ambitious project launched.


Compass 4 Couples

Website Address

What We Did

Premium theme website with bespoke aspects. Membership & Ecommerce.

I cannot be any happier with Wesley and the Cude team. They have made it possible for me to get back to focussing on my project rather than be in constant fear of my technical shortcomings. I really do feel as if I’m in safe hands with a genuine partner. I’m looking forward to a long, productive and very stress free collaboration with Cude.

Tal AraimCompass 4 Couples
Customised Subscription Website Built Using WordPress