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Mobile App Development Agency, London.

These days, brands need to learn how to navigate all the different facets of the digital landscape to stay competitive, and They say that you can’t survive in today’s digital world without a good mobile strategy. Cude Design provides high-quality, dedicated app development services for startups and established businesses. Whether you need a brand new app or update existing apps, you can rely on us.

Our dedicated mobile app development team will come up with your perfect solution tailored to suit what you need most – be that enterprise-grade applications or simple mobile applications to compliment your online presence. Our expertise allows us not only to work seamlessly across multiple platforms (iOS & Android) but also to provide unparalleled customer service & support.

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Mobile App Development Agency - London
Streamline your App Development pathway

We are your dedicated phone app development agency.

iOS Developers

Our talented team of developers has extensive experience building mobile apps for Apple mobile operating systems, helping businesses connect with iOS users everywhere.

If you’re looking to create engaging digital products that will add value to your business, we can help you bring your ideas to life with our iOS Phone App Development services. We provide both front-end and backend services. Contact now so we can build apps for your business.

Android Developers

With Cude Design, you’re just one step away from launching your mobile app on the Android platform.

Helping you launch on Google Play Store, our mobile app android development team can develop native apps and are more than ready to transform any idea into a high-performing app that can deliver excellent digital experiences for all Android users. You will get best-in-class native apps developed in android.

UI & UX Mobile App Designer

Customer retention very much depends on the accessibility, usability and overall appeal of your apps, so proper UI/UX mobile app design can make a world of a difference to your business.

At Cude Design, our mobile application development process gives us a deep understanding of what users want and need when interacting with digital products, which allows us to create mobile applications that go above and beyond expectations. Our expertise in different programming languages helps us suggest the best fit for your business scope.

AR & VR Apps

There’s a wide range of applications for AR & VR products at the moment, so if you want to take your business to the next level and bring game-changing innovation to the table, Cude Design has the necessary skills and experience to develop stunning VR and AR apps for all smart devices.

Offering cross-platform development, get ready to create immersive experiences and unlock a world of possibilities. You will see a significant difference from traditional software development.

Mobile App Marketing

With so many new progressive web applications hitting app stores, it can be difficult to stand out in today’s mobile software market. If you want to make sure your app reaches the right mobile app users and provides the experiences they’re expecting, marketing is a must.

At Cude Design we use the most effective marketing strategies and techniques to put your app into the spotlight. We use integrated development environments to enhance the productivity and security of your apps.

Wearable Apps

The age of the wearables is upon us and we’re here for it. We can help your business join the wearable mania by providing cross platform apps and end-to-end app development for wearable devices.

Make your business smarter and step into the trending tech of wearable app development with the solutions provided by Cude Design in any programming language.

We had a complete design overhaul of our whole website. After shopping around with a few agencies, Cude Design had the best expertise and processes for what we needed. A great structured design process and superb WordPress skills to build the new website. Every request we had was delivered well and the team working on our site certainly knew their stuff! We are extremely happy with the outcome!

Sam LutostanskiWPJ Heating

We went to Cude Design as we wanted a fresh look to a very outdated charity website and android application. Wesley at Cude Design could not have been more patient and helpful with us as whilst he only dealt with myself as the main contact, there were 6 other trustees all with opinions on how things should look and what content it should show. Cude Design changed things numerous times so we could get the website just right and it never was a problem. The user interface was really revamped. We cant recommend them enough!

Lois RedmanBrain Injury Is Big

I cannot be any happier with the Cude Design team. They have made it possible for me to get back to focussing on my project rather than be in constant fear of my technical shortcomings. I really do feel as if I’m in safe hands with a genuine partner. They have excellent knowledge of which programming language to be used for your applications. I’m looking forward to a long, productive and very stress free collaboration with Cude Design.

Tal AraimCompass 4 Couples

Mobile App Development F.A.Q

Do You Provide Graphic/UI Design Services?

Yes, we do offer graphic/UI design services. Most app development projects begin with creating customised visuals of the app’s look and feel.

One of the best mobile app development companies, Cude Design starts the process by knowing your brand value, image, and overall business.

We can seamlessly build an easy-to-use app design that best works for your brand and help convert potential prospects into leads and sales.  

How Much Does Mobile App Development Cost?

ike digital marketing campaign management or web development, the cost of developing apps depends on the development and design process. You have to consider the time, expertise, and knowledge put into by the best app developers.

Since every application has unique features, complexity, and requirement, mobile app development can easily cost you anywhere from  £15,000 and £100,000 or more, depending on the scope and complexity.

Can You Build Both iOS And Android Apps (Popular Mobile Operating Systems)?

Yes, most apps we build support both Android and iOS mobile platforms. People want their apps to work seamlessly across mobile and web devices.

At Cude Design – your go-to mobile development company – we use cutting-edge development frameworks like React Native and React to support Android and iOS apps.

How Long Does App Design And Development Take?

Developing and launching a mobile application depends on several factors, including team size and programming complexities.

Nevertheless, with our expert team of mobile app developers, app design and development can take around three months or so.

Do I Have To Test My Mobile App?

We have an in-house mobile app testing team for our developed apps. This team collaborates with our skilled app developers to check mobile or web apps at different development stages. If required, you can also test your app and share feedback.  

Why Your Business Needs A Mobile App?

More than 6B people use smartphones worldwide, and over 90% of users spend most of their time on mobile applications.

Our mobile apps can help increase your brand visibility, provide a seamless user experience, enhance customer engagement, attract customer insights, and more.

Can You Provide A Marketing Strategy For My Mobile Applications?

Nowadays, more and more companies are developing mobile applications, and it’s increasingly challenging for brands to convince people to choose their apps over competitors.

With Cude Design, we provide clients with apps supported by advanced and effective marketing strategies to help them reach their niche audience.

Can You Convert Web Apps To Mobile Apps?

We have a team of expert app developers who can effortlessly create mobile apps based on your existing web apps.

How Does A Native App Development Differ From Cross-Platform Development?

Native app development needs two standalone applications for iOS and Android, which can be time-consuming.

In contrast, cross-platform apps cost less due to reusable codes. You can utilize similar codebases for iOS and Android apps, reducing development costs and time.   

What Type Of Support Do You Provide During The Development Stages?

At Cude Design, we offer clients full support. You’ll meet our project management team and get access to our tools.

Additionally, you can reach us through email, phone, or our reliable support portal, where you can monitor requests, upload valuable information, and have discussions.

Do I Need A Wireframe (Visual) Ready For My Mobile App?

Our mobile app developers can collaborate to create your desired app if you’ve got a web designer and wireframe ready.

However, if you have just the concept or idea, no worries, as Cude Design app developers can help visualize and turn your concepts and ideas into a practical digital reality.

What’s A Mobile App Exactly?

Mobile apps or apps are computer programs or software applications that run on various mobile devices, from smartphones and tablets to watches and laptops. There’s a range of apps available, like web apps, hybrid apps, or native apps.

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