In our previous post, ‘When Should I Choose A Bespoke WordPress Website Over Using A Premium Theme?’, we covered the key differences between choosing a website built with a premium theme and a custom built, bespoke website. In this post, we are going to be showing some of the fantastic ways we make sure it is super easy for you to make additional pages and manage your content easily & efficiently.

Manage your website easily with WordPress’ best page builder

At the core of each project we build is the #1 page building extension for WordPress, ‘WPBakery (formely known as Visual Composer)’. Often, the WP Bakery page builder comes bundled with premium themes, for this reason, we become super familiar with the plugin and gained a really good understanding of what could be done with it to ensure it is easy for you to manage your website.

Straight out of the box, WPBakery comes preinstalled with a tonne of building blocks to make it simple to build custom pages or blog posts.

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Basic WPBakery - Visual Composer Page Builder

Customised with the building elements to make it easy to manage your website

So, what we do which is so special, not only do we use WPBakery with all our websites, we create our own building blocks within the page builder, tailoring to your website design and features. By doing this, it allows you to easily replicate parts of your pre-existing pages and duplicate them to a new page at a later stage. It is an excellent way to allow our clients to manage their website, even if they have little to no experience of managing their own website using WordPress.

To make the page builder even more awesome, we customise our own building blocks, so they easily stand out from the default options provided by WPBakery. This makes it super easy to differentiate from the standard building blocks and the ones specific to your website. Check out below our awesome customisations which would include page building blocks specifically to your own website!

Customise WPBakery (formely Visual Composer) Bespoke

By itself, WPBakery Page Builder is an excellent extension to help you maintain your WordPress website. However, if you are a user with some good experience of working with WordPress, there are some additional tools which makes this page builder even more awesome. The following tools are there to make your life even easier.

The three plugins we use to make WPBakery Page Builder even better!

All In One Addons for WPBakery Page Builder - formerly Visual Composer
WPBakery Page Builder - Visual Composer Clipboard
Easy Tables - Table Manager for WPBakery Page Builder

The first extensions is an expansion pack which provides you with an abundance of different options to the page builder. It is a great way to expand the options available to you to create new pages.

The second plugin is our favourite and we are always making the most of this function. If you are creating a new page and like the style of one of your pre-existing pages, you can simply copy the building block on the original page and paste it on the new page. This makes it extremely easy to create pre-existing styles and create a new page with minimal effort. We use this tool tonnes when creating a new website.

Tables can be a right pain in the ass when creating a web page. The third extension we found really useful helps you in this exact scenario. By activating this WPBakery extension on your WordPress website, you can easily use a table building block, it works in a very similar manner to Excel.

What about the Divi page builder? Is that as good as WPBakery page builder?

The Divi Builder is an alternative option if you are looking for a page builder for WordPress. Built by Elegant Themes, they have a raft of premium themes which incorporate the page builder. We have never built a website using their services however we have provided support to clients who have a website and require help when using a theme from Elegant Themes and the Divi Builder.

In regards to the positives, the Divi page builder seems a lot easier to understand and to work with when comparing to WPBakery. It seems to come with less options, yet it can still create pretty nice, smart websites.

On a personal level, we have never enjoyed working with themes from Elegant Themes or with the Divi page builder. From our perspective, it looks a bit basic and doesn’t seem to be as intuitive as WPBakery. To add to this, I have never seen a good website built using their options, other than on their own website.

I am totally up for mind being changed though! If you have created an awesome website with Divi, please send it over!

WPBakery vs Divi Page Builder - WordPress Specialist

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