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WooCommerce is a powerful WordPress extension that turns your website into a fully functional eCommerce platform.

Not only is WordPress a great platform to manage your website, combined with WooCommerce you will have a powerful Ecommerce platform. With 78% of consumers now using the internet to purchase and research products, your online shop is your moneymaker – and it’s never been more important to have an optimised, user-friendly e-commerce digital presence.

WooCommerce provides you with everything you need to open your own shop and begin selling online. We offer a full design and development service, creating a powerful online tool to sell your products or subscriptions directly to your website visitor.

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Arktis Naturals Website by Cude Design - Mock

Arktis Naturals

Arktis Naturals

by gaia - featured image - cude design

by gaia

by gaia.

hemperor world - cbd website by cude design



Love United - Hate Glazer -MUFC - Website Design by Cude Design

Love United – Hate Glazer

Love United - Hate Glazer

mynd Gum Laptop Mock by Cude Design

mynd Gum

CBD & CBG Infused Chewing Gum - WooCommerce

Purity Hemp Co Laptop Mock by Cude Design

Purity Hemp Co

CBD Ecommerce Website

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Find out what some of our great clients had to say about us! All reviews can be seen on our Google Local page.

We had a complete design overhaul of our whole website. After shopping around with a few agencies, Cude Design had the best expertise and processes for what we needed. A great structured design process and superb WordPress skills to build the new website. Every request we had was delivered well and the team working on our site certainly knew their stuff! We are extremely happy with the outcome!

Sam LutostanskiWPJ Heating

We went to Cude Design as we wanted a fresh look to a very outdated charity website. Wesley at Cude Design could not have been more patient and helpful with us as whilst he only dealt with myself as the main contact, there were 6 other trustees all with opinions on how things should look and what content it should show. Cude Design changed things numerous times so we could get the website just right and it never was a problem. We cant recommend them enough!

Lois RedmanBrain Injury Is Big

I cannot be any happier with the Cude Design team. They have made it possible for me to get back to focussing on my project rather than be in constant fear of my technical shortcomings. I really do feel as if I’m in safe hands with a genuine partner. I’m looking forward to a long, productive and very stress free collaboration with Cude Design.

Tal AraimCompass 4 Couples


How much does a eCommerce website cost to make?

The cost of an eCommerce website really depends on a number of factors, such as how many products you plan to be selling and their variables. While setting up a simple eCommerce website can be rather straight forward, there are a whole number of ways you can look to customise and improve the user experience, such as automated abandoned cart or welcome emails to new customers.

We have written the following blog post that outlines the determining factors for an eCommerce website build: Read: How much does an eCommerce website cost to make?

When should I choose a bespoke eCommerce website over a premium theme?

There are some amazing premium themes out there! As a start-up, a premium theme might be the best option to initially launch your eCommerce website. However, if you are an established online store and competition with well-established brands, a bespoke/custom built website might be more suitable.

Find out more: When Should I Choose A Bespoke WordPress Website Over Using A Premium Theme?

Can you provide SEO services for my WooCommerce website?

Totally! It is imperative that the structure of an eCommerce website has been built correctly to ensure search engines can adequately crawl and index the website. By carrying out keyword research & competitor analysis, we can optimise the key pages of your website for search engines.

We also offer ongoing SEO services to ensure your website continues to be found on Google, this includes content creation and link building.

Read about our SEO services here: Making SEO Easy To Understand

Do you offer social media marketing?

Currently we do not offer social media management services, although we do offer social media consultancy and lead generation services.

Can you provide hosting for my WooCommerce website?

Yes, we can provide website hosting for your eCommerce/WooCommerce website. We offer a number of services, price is dependent on the size of your website and the website traffic it receives. Our hosting for eCommerce websites starts from £325 py excl VAT.

Is eCommerce and WooCommerce the same thing?

The simple answer is ‘yes’. As an example, there are many types of cars available, and each car has a manufacturer (BMW, Mercedes etc). This is the same as eCommerce! WooCommerce is a type of eCommerce platform that provides you with all the functionality required to open your own store online.

WooCommerce is so great as it works perfectly with WordPress!

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