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Our focused, in-depth Cannabis expertise paired with years of experience in international markets, means that, wherever your Cannabis brand is based, we can build a custom web design solution that works for you. And we walk the talk because we’ve lived it ourselves.

We know many of the pain points that you face because we had to face each of them when we launched our own cannabis brand, and many times since, working with Cannabis industry clients around the world.

We’ve been in the web design business for 13 years and are proud of our reputation as one of the UK’s leading WordPress agencies specializing in digital marketing for the Cannabis industry.

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Whether you want a new website design, a refresh or a way to franchise cannabis websites, you’re in good hands. We have an expert team of web design specialists that live and breathe the cannabis business. We actively follow emerging trends and the biggest cannabis brands from the US to the UK and Europe.


As part of your website design, your online store will be managed using WooCommerce, a fully functional ecommerce platform that will allow you to easily manage and sell your CBD via your own cannabis website.


Finding a payment gateway is one of the biggest hurdles when trying to sell CBD Oil on your site. We have partnerships with the best payment gateways in the UK & EU that integrate with our cannabis website builds.


Cude Design can power your site to the top of Google search results to ensure your website is found easily using search engine optimisation.


We have a team of content writers who can help produce CBD industry-compliant content for your website to improve engagement and help your site be found on search engines.

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Arktis Naturals Website by Cude Design - Mock

Arktis Naturals

Arktis Naturals

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by gaia

by gaia.

hemperor world - cbd website by cude design



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mynd Gum

CBD & CBG Infused Chewing Gum - WooCommerce

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We have built up a great reputation in the CBD industry, specialising in WordPress websites, we offer the safest solution to sell your CBD products. Our entry-level package allows you to get online easily and quickly.

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Ecommerce Website
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Payment Gateway
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Excellent. Quickly helped me fix a urgent issue i had with my eCommerce store. Thank you Cude Design!

Ahmed MirNuLeaf

Cude Design have been great throughout the process so far - The website is looking amazing and there has been great communication every step of the way as well as the turn around time on each part of the process being extremely quick.

Amreth SharmaCBDispense

Really great and helpful service. Wes quickly sorted out any revisions i wanted and i am very happy with the whole experience. Definitely would recommend

Joseph WardleHempirical

Cannabis Web Design: Business & CBD Start Up FAQ

Can Cude Design help me?

Yes! If you’re in the market for a fresh cannabis website design, we can help wherever you are in the world.

We’ve worked with Cannabis brands in the US, UK and EU. Because we’re based in the UK, which has some of the most stringent requirements in the world, we’ve had to go the extra mile to help our clients stay successful and compliant so we know exactly what we’re doing.

Does Cude understand the cannabis websites & the cannabis industry?

Through tradeshows, our podcast, and contact with various Cannabis brands and associations, we’ve built an extensive network that we can tap into for additional support and compliance conversations.

This means that we’re on top of regulatory changes, product updates and feedback from governing bodies and, thanks to our established network, we’re often the first to hear the news.

So, whether you’re a small grower in Texas, or a multinational expanding into new countries, we can help you get a foot in the door and your cannabis web business off the ground.

Is Cannabis illegal?


Yes and no. Recreational cannabis use is legal in many states, but it is not legal at a federal level. This means that the federal government can’t force state government to arrest cannabis users and sellers, but cannabis remains just as illegal as heroin at the federal level.

This makes it difficult for cannabis and even CBD sellers. Banks and other institutions are usually bound by federal law and therefore establishing payment gateways and other financial aspects of a cannabis business can be hamstrung without these service providers.

States where cannabis use is legal include:

·         Colorado

·         Washington

·         Alaska

·         Oregon

·         Washington, D.C.

·         California

·         Maine

·         Massachusetts

·         Nevada

·         Michigan

·         Vermont

·         Guam

·         Illinois

·         Arizona

·         Montana

·         New Jersey

·         New York

·         Virginia

·         New Mexico

·         Connecticut


Yes. Classified as a Class B drug with severe penalties, recreational cannabis use is illegal in the UK. Medical cannabis use was legalised in 2018, but requires a prescription from a registered specialist doctor.


Recreational cannabis use is prohibited by all EU countries, with the exception of Malta. There are currently plans in place to make cannabis legal in a number of other EU companies, including Germany, Luxembourg and Switzerland; while in the Netherlands, cannabis usage is tolerated in certain situations.

Is CBD Oil illegal?


No. When the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 (known as the Farm Bill) was signed into law, the manufacture, sale and transportation of CBD oil became legal on a federal level. In order for CBD oil to be legal, it needs to have been derived from hemp containing 0.3% THC or less.


No. CBD oil is legal in the UK as long as the THC level in the hemp plant is below 0.2%. However, CBD food products require authorisation under the Novel Foods Act before they can be sold legally in the UK. Currently, there are no CBD extracts or isolates that have been authorised.


No. According to the highest court in Europe, CBD oil is not a narcotic drug as it has not been shown to have harmful or psychotropic effects. CBD is therefore legal in all EU countries.

Are Cannabis seeds illegal to sell in the UK?

No. It is legal to buy, sell and trade Cannabis seeds, but you are not permitted to cultivate the seeds.

If you have the correct license from the Home Office it is legal to sell Cannabis seeds. You will need to undergo a criminal record check and pay the licencing cost of £600.

Once you have a licence, it is legal to sell both high and low THC Cannabis strains, Cannabis fibre and hemp oil. It is also legal to possess any strain of Cannabis seed, but it is illegal to grow marijuana from seeds that have been purchased.

Customers need to be advised that they may not consume or cultivate Cannabis seeds. They can only be collected, or used for bird food or fish bait.

Is it legal to sell CBD flower in the UK?

No. Industrial hemp (from which CBD is extracted), falls under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971. The parts of the plant that are not controlled are the stems, stalk and seeds of the plant, once it has been separated from the plant. Everything else is classified as Cannabis which is a Class B drug (whether it’s marijuana or hemp).

Therefore, the sale of CBD flower or CBD bud is illegal in the UK, regardless of the THC level of the plant. This is different in the EU, where the sale and use of hemp flowers are permitted.

Do you offer hosting for websites selling CBD?

Yes, we offer maintenance and support which includes hosting for cannabis websites. Our managed WordPress hosting package utilises dedicated hosting on a private UK-based server.

What else do you offer besides Cannabis web design?

In addition to WordPress website design, we’re here to support your online success with maintenance and support for Cannabis websites, we also offer content services, search engine optimisation, WooCommerce and more.

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