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Instagram, the photo and video sharing app, is one of the largest social media platforms with over one billion users. Instagram is similar to Facebook and Twitter but in many ways, it’s easier to use and focuses on mobile use and visual sharing. After signing up, you’re able to follow or be followed by accounts, make comments, and well as liking, tagging and private messaging. This ability to connect and engage with other users makes it is essential to automate your account, especially for business accounts. However, it’s important to do this cautiously because if you’re not careful about how you automate, your account may be blocked. To get started, you need first to understand what Instagram automation means.

What is Instagram Automation?

It may sound like a complex concept, but it’s simple. It just means that you’re able to automate tasks that you usually do manually on Instagram. Examples of these tasks include following profiles, writing comments on posts, uploading posts, sending direct messages and much more. It is possible to automate anything in Instagram these days. Most people don’t have enough time each day to do all these tasks manually which is Instagram has allowed some automation. The recent move to automate posts for users with a business profile is significant. It is an encouraging sign and should lead to more automated, time-saving features in the future. But remember, you can get banned from using Instagram when you automate in a way that goes against Instagram’s Terms and Conditions.

Can Automation Lead to Your Account Getting Banned?

The basic premise is that you shouldn’t do anything that will make the Instagram experience worse for others. Let’s narrow down what this means for you. It worth noting that Instagram has some of the best programmers working to spot bot activity. But they also understand that for business accounts some automation is needed, which is why they have put in place some of their own automation features like automated posts for business accounts. And they don’t make any mention in their terms and conditions that automation is illegal. All Instagram requires is that everyone has a great user experience, and when you cross that line, they will ban you from automating or even using Instagram manually.

If you are an Instagram user, you need to make the user experience for others better. Additionally, you should follow all regulations and be bound by limitations such as the number of people to follow per day.

What are the Different Automation Functions?

There are a number of social media automation tools that are designed to save you time and effort with your social media marketing efforts. All these tools aim to assist you in growing your Instagram following by using automation. These are ways you can automate your Instagram account:

Automate finding and following new accounts

Despite there being a variety of services offered by different bots, most have the ability to automate the finding and following of new accounts. All that is required is to set the hashtags and accounts you want to follow. After this command, the bot will automatically start following those accounts and pick random ones from within the hashtags to begin following. This will enable the gradual following of a certain number of new accounts each day, making your account activities look natural.

Automating your post schedule

There are Instagram bots which allow you to automate posts to the social network. Many allow you to schedule posts for Instagram alongside the posts for other popular networks like Twitter or Facebook.

All this play a key role in smoothing your way to batching your content creation process so you can focus on creating high-quality posts to share with your audience. This helps you to have a consistent posting schedule and good timing based on when your audiences are most likely to be active. They ease the stress of manually posting your content to your account each day and free up time and energy that can be used to promote your business.

Comment automation

Although there is the opinion that it is never a good idea to automate comments due to fear coming across spammy, it is worth investigating. All that is required is that you do it correctly using neutral and positive comments. Include a variety of options for the bot to rotate through; this way, you are able to leave relevant comments on photos and not be regarded as fake. It is advisable to spend some time each day to craft genuine comments yourself as it is not possible to program bot in a way that will create context relevant comments for all the photos it comes across.

Likes automation

Instagram bots offer a way to automate ‘likes’ in a way that doesn’t come across spammy or get flagged by Instagram. Likes help in increasing your engagement by getting the attention of other users. Most people don’t mind who likes their posts because the more likes a post receives, the more the Instagram algorithm picks up on it as a signal of the post is popular. Automating likes is vital because, by liking posts from people, they will see that you liked their posts and will, in return, visit your profile and follow you.

Having your likes automated through a bot is similar to paying Instagram to have your account shown on people’s home feeds through ads, but better because it’s free. It is a way of telling other users you are following them making it more likely that they will return the favour and follow you.

Direct message automation

It is possible to automate messages to Instagram accounts. However, it is only limited to a small number of accounts every day because it is difficult to make messages contextually relevant to every single follower. It is important to use generic phrasing and we suggest that you keep a variety of positive and neutral statements in the repository for the bot to work with.

Unfollowing accounts automation

This automation helps to follow people who follow you back and unfollow those who don’t follow you after a few days. This is possible with the right automation tool in place. The idea is to engage with users who engage with you and from that, to promote your business. This automation helps by saving time as you don’t have to unfollow each account one by one manually. It also helps make your account look more appealing to the Instagram algorithm which will translate into a better chance of having a viral post and increased follower growth through viral activity.

Which are the Top Automation Tools?

These are the key ways you can automate your Instagram account to grow your following and improve the visibility of your account. There are many bots available online to help achieve your goals, but you have to choose the one that is best suited for the results you need. Here is a list of the top Instagram automation tools:

Social Captain

Social Captain will help you attract a huge number of followers and is virtually unparalleled when it comes to raising engagement rates. There is also an outstanding set of targeting features, live analytics, and an Al- enhanced boosting module. The sheer speed that it stimulates growth at is impressive. Compared to other automation services, its Turbo plan is 10 times faster and works within Instagram’s parameters so that your account is safe. This tool will help you get your account follower count up and off the ground quickly and easily.


Despite there being many automation services, there are very few that actually work as promised, but Kicksta is one of them. This tool ensures that your accounts are interacting with real people and that you won’t only be getting bot followers. The growth which you will receive will be purely organic, promising actual engagement with your posts. All this will enable you to boost your account visibility.


This automation tool offers a complete solution for marketing on Instagram. It has a 3-day free trial to assist in helping you decide if it’s the right choice. It also offers a 100% satisfactory policy and refund guarantee. It allows you to narrow target users and get in touch with an engaged audience. The option to filter by specific criteria enables you to have more worthwhile interactions and the sleek dashboard provides in-depth analytics giving you the chance to manage and improve your Instagram growth.

Gold Nitro

This is a dedicated automation tool to keep your account protected and safe. Recently security has flagged a number of key issues to look at when choosing automation tool and Gold Nitro will guarantee that your account is safe. It utilizes top-level encryption to safeguard any data you share with it. It also puts measures in place to ensure that your account cannot be stolen or used without your permission.

We’ve covered some of the top reasons for adding automation to your Instagram account, as well as highlighting the best functions to automate. We’ve also looked at some of the top automation tools on the market to give you the information that you need to grow your Instagram account quickly, on autopilot.

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