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Release One

Cude Design, a web development company, has announced the launch of Wordthree, a new plugin that allows users to login and register to any WordPress website using their MetaMask wallet. The pro version of Wordthree also allows users to checkout and make payment using cryptocurrency funds stored in their Metamask wallet. “We are excited to release Wordthree as it represents a major step forward in our mission to make it easy for people to use Web3 technology,” said Cude Design CEO, Wes Cude. “With the plugin, people will be able to take advantage of all the benefits that Web3 has to offer.”

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Free Plugin

Are you tired of having users go through the same complex process to log in to your website? WordThree can help simplify this frustrating experience! Our plugin makes it easy and quick for users to sign up or log into any WordPress website using their MetaMask wallet.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced web developer, our plugin is the ideal choice for adding smooth login features to your site. No matter what custom styles you use on your site, WordThree is easily adapted and blended in – we have several carefully designed shortcodes so you don’t have to worry about confusing coding sessions.

To top it all off, Wordthree is regularly updated to avoid compatibility issues with updated versions of WordPress and MetaMask versions. Make WordThree your ultimate go-to solution for easing up user authentication on your WordPress sites.

  • Register & Login with MetaMask
  • Shortcode to easily add to your website
  • 2 Minute installation & set up
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WordThree Pro (Pending Approval)

Are you ready to take your website into the world of web3?

With WordThree Pro, that can now become a reality. Used in conjunction with WooCommerce, this second-stage program is a revolutionary way to accept cryptocurrency payments directly through your WordPress website. Bringing the latest technology and services to market, WordThree Pro works reliably with Ethereum, Binance, and Polygon networks and allows users to pay with their cryptocurrency of choice quickly and easily.

These payments will then be sent directly to your wallet address so you can immediately benefit from the convenience and security that comes with blockchain-based transactions.

  • Register & Login with MetaMask
  • Shortcode to easily add to your website
  • Woo Commerce compatible
  • Accept Ethereum, Binance or Polygon as payment
  • Set up further ERC-20 tokens
  • 2 Minute installation & set up

WordThree Pro Roadmap

In first quarter of 2023, Wordthree will upgrade its free and pro versions with more features to enhance your experience. With the improved free version, further options will be added to allow you to add MetaMask register buttons directly onto websites for easy access.

For those looking for added functionality – like being able to lock specific webpages until users possess particular NFT collections – the upgraded pro version has got what you need. This will give you the capability to create a membership website, giving users who hold a specific NFT collection to private content via your WordPress website.

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