Does your business still send out a traditional newsletter? Do you post a printed newsletter to your client base throughout the year? Whether you print your newsletters in house and stuff them into envelopes or you use a fulfilment agency – traditional newsletter mailing uses extensive resources and budgets and, of course, is not environmentally friendly. As the popularity of the internet and technology increases, moving towards new forms of communication is vital to both keep up with the market and to ensure environmental compliances. Updating your clients with relevant information via your website – and perhaps an email to draw them to your latest posting – is a quick and efficient way to feed news, updates, offers and incentives to your client base in a quick, eye catching, cost effective and relevant manner. Using a WordPress website for example will give you the option to integrate a blog or “latest news” area to your website, which is so simple to update with all your company news, that you will soon wonder why you hadn’t moved to this method sooner!

Cude Design can help make your marketing more efficient, not only can they help with WordPress web design for your business but offer a full range of services from logo design, social media customisation , Search Engine optimisation and hosting. If your business would benefit from a WordPress website where you can regularly update content , Cude Design can advise on the type of design and theme to suit you and help teach you how to update content – they can work within your budget to design a website that enhances your business.

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