Hot off the heels of the panic regarding GDPR, we are now beginning to receive enquiries from our current clients regarding the latest WordPress update which is visible on the horizon. While being extremely busy working on a multitude of projects, when I was first asked I had to do a quick Google. At times like this I really kick myself and think ‘Why didn’t I know about GDPR, the Gutenberg update or the Y2K bug earlier…’ . I do some quick research and I realise why…. there isn’t anything to fear.

WordPress 5.0 is due to be released shortly and with that comes Gutenberg. The beta version of Gutenberg was announced in June 2017 and it will change how your content editor will be presented when working with posts on your WordPress website. One of the main concerns, understandably is whether your WordPress website is compatible with the latest update.

Right now, only the beta version of Gutenberg is available, and you can download the plugin and test on your website. Before doing so I would suggest not doing this on the live version. If you can make a backup and test elsewhere, that would be the ideal scenario. You may have to get in touch with your agency to do this.

I am not going to write a long drawn out post explaining what will be changing as there is plenty of information out there already, the two blog posts below are excellent and there is no scaremongering. Basically, an update is going to be released, there might be some incompatibility issues at first but nothing that can’t be corrected with a bit of tweaking I expect.

Gutenberg and WordPress 5.0: Are You Ready?
Exploring the New Gutenberg Editor for WordPress

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