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It has been nearly 6 weeks since we started our journey on really trying to increase our exposure across all platforms, whether that be written content on our own blog, social media posting, or pay per click advertising via Facebook and Google Adwords. In our very first post, we outlined our initial strategy for using Facebook for advertising.

Conclusions from Facebook Ads after 5 months

After a good 5 months experimenting with Facebook PPC, by no means has it been a success and we have come to some realisations. Firstly, there must be a tonne of experimenting to ensure your advertising is a success. Secondly, we are not 100% convinced this is the correct medium to be advertising our business.

Purchasing a website build is never a compulsive purchase, however a physical product, such as clothing could certainly be. I have certainly purchased a product having viewed on a website and seen it pop up a few hours later on my Facebook feed. Our initial process was to drive traffic to our WordPress page, then retargeting the users who visited clicked the link and visited our website. We also refined the demographic to solely focus on page admins, business owners and sole traders.

Having run this campaign for 6 weeks, we have had the grand total of 1 lead. That 1 lead never even answered our correspondence There are numerous reasons why I think our campaign isn’t working for us, check out the details below:

Sales funnel too short

Prior to three weeks ago, our funnel consisted of a traffic campaign and then retargeting via a lead form. This was extremely short, offering no free content, downloads or limited time offers. This is probably missing out on two additional steps before gaining a lead. This is something we are going to need to address and look to improve. Currently, we have nothing of value which we can offer as a download. I believe over the next few months, as we continue to create content, we will be able to offer something of value to interested users.

Websites are not an impulse purchase

Without a shadow of a doubt, Facebook Advertising is great for ecommerce websites, often retargeting users who have visited their online shop, prompting a purchasing once they start scrolling through Facebook. Websites are completely different though; a potential client would likely already have to be setting up a business and actively searching for a web design company to engage with us.

So what are we going to do to gain more conversions via Facebook PPC

Firstly, we have decided to turn off our traffic campaigns which were set up via Facebook, these are continue to run on Google Adwords and will be covered in our next article. It was becoming quite costly to keep these running and without the conversion, we had no idea if what we were spending money on was wise. For this reason, we switched our Traffic campaigns off for around 5 weeks and solely ran our Lead Form, Re-Targeting campaigns, only focusing on WordPress.

Our sales funnel was way too short to convert for the ‘Unhappy with your agency’ campaign and we turned this off.

Switching from a Lead form to Messaging

Having spent 5 months on Facebook, I would have expected to receive a few more leads, it could be quite possible that the lead form feature just isn’t suitable to convert. Right now, we are switching all our re-targeting campaigns from a lead form to instant messaging.

One of the key issues we found when we initially set up our campaigns in May was that if someone submits a lead, you receive no notification that someone has tried to get in touch with you. How crazy is that?! During this phase, I missed 7 potential leads as I was expecting to receive a Facebook notification or an email that someone had messaged, just like my personal page. To gain the details of a potential lead, you must export an excel spreadsheet to view lead form submissions. You can find out how to do this from the links below.

Where can I see submitted forms for my Facebook Lead Ads?
Where lead generation customer form submission goes?
Where do I find a lead form from my ad?

It seems a really crap way to find the most important data regarding your campaign! There is a way to start receiving notifications, we signed up to, checkout out their blog post below:

How to Setup Facebook Lead Ads Email Notifications

WordPress Re-Targeting Campaign, Surrey, Messaging call to action. Refined Demographic.

Why Aren’t My Facebook Ads Converting To Sales? Refocusing & Changing Strategies

WordPress Re-Targeting Campaign, National, Messaging call to action. Refined Demographic.

Why Aren’t My Facebook Ads Converting To Sales? Refocusing & Changing Strategies

How are we going to drive traffic having turned off these Facebook campaigns?

For the last 5 years we have solely relied upon our organic ranking to provide traffic and enquiries through our website. Having now turned off our Facebook traffic ads, we are in a similar position to one which we were before. We are now turning our focus towards Google Adwords to drive traffic and will then use Facebook for retargeting. We believe this will be more successful because users are searching for our services on Google when our advertisement appears, rather than seeing our Ad on Facebook because they are a business page admin, for example.

By using this strategy, I believe we can focus on people looking for our services and then use Facebook as a bonus to retarget them and keep Cude Design fresh in their minds.

We recently published two posts, ‘When Should I Choose A Bespoke WordPress Website Over Using A Premium Theme?’ and ‘Fully Customisable WordPress Websites Built Using An Easy To Use Page Builder’. The reason why we produced these two blog posts was to help explain to potential new clients the types of services we offer. The articles have really helped us to do so and we are going to test boosting both of these posts and see how much engagement they receive.

Instead of pitching our services directly, potential new client might find these articles useful and could become a good source of traffic to then retarget too.

Update while writing this post

While trying to do what we said above, publish a post on Facebook and then Boost it, we really struggled to find custom audiences which have been set up in our business account. It looks as if it is linked to my personal account which makes it a massive pain in the ass! For this reason, we have set up a Facebook Ad as if it was a post, driving traffic to the posts mentioned above. This way we can use our custom audience without having to recreate again.

I am hoping this post will appeal to a different type of client, rather than the more sales focused advertisements we were previously running over the last few months.

Let’s see how it goes 🙂

Difference between a website built with a premium theme and a bespoke website

Update 13th November - Going back to basics

Instead of writing a full new blog post on our most recent changes, I thought a ‘diary entry’ would be better in this scenario. Having created a new Facebook Ad, it really wasn’t going very well at over £4 per click. No idea what I have done wrong but it clearly wasn’t working.

For that reason, I am going back to basics and creating 1 Facebook Lead Generation Ad, retargeting all users who have visited Cude Design in the last 30 days with no refined demographic. The target traffic using a targeted demorgrapic is waaay too small. This post is a bit messy and certainly symbolises where I am in regards to Facebook Marketing, a lot of methods going on with very little success. For that reason, I want to really simplify what we are doing and target on increasing website traffic over the coming months, organically, Adwords and possibly LinkedIn.

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