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In the past few years, many new messaging apps have come up, which have slowly replaced SMS messaging. These apps, including WhatsApp chat, Facebook messenger, etc., have made it easy to stay in touch with friends and clients worldwide and that too for a free version.

Whatsapp is a messaging app that not allows you to make dinner plans with your friends through WhatsApp chat, but WhatsApp Business API also allows businesses to connect with their clients. WhatsApp chat has already taken over the market, especially the SMS message, and now the number of people using this most popular messaging app is only increasing day by day. And why not?

In 2018, WhatsApp alone generated over three times the daily traffic volume of SMS messages. Read on to learn about the benefits of WhatsApp chat and how WhatsApp Business API help you grow your business. You will also know how the WhatsApp chat plugin lets you connect with your customers through Facebook messenger, Instagram, Titok, Whatapp chat, etc.

What are the benefits of WhatsApp chat?

Below are some reasons why individuals and businesses worldwide have started using WhatsApp chat.

It can be used for many functions.

The best part about WhatsApp is that you can send messages and use the app to share your location, send videos, voice messages, documents, etc. You can also use WhatsApp to make free video and audio calls. All these features of WhatsApp make it an ideal app when looking to connect with clients.

The free version of the app also has many benefits.

You only need to have your clients’ phone numbers, and after that, you can easily communicate with them free of cost. The only cost for the WhatsApp business will be the mobile data cost, and as long as you have an internet connection, you can send and receive unlimited WhatsApp messages. With WhatsApp, you will not have to think twice before sending messages to your international clients.

It is safe and secure.

WhatsApp’s secure end-to-end encryption makes the WhatsApp message app highly safe and secure. Therefore, while having a WhatsApp chat with the clients, you do not have to worry about your information getting leaked. In WhatsApp, you also get the option to delete the messages you have sent, ensuring additional security.

WhatsApp is a network.

When it comes to text messages, the app is installed on the phone, which means anybody can send and receive a message from anyone. However, with WhatsApp, as you can use the app only when it is downloaded and installed on your mobile devices, it means not anybody can contact you, and you can connect only when you choose to be part of the network.

What are the widely used message apps in the world?

WhatsApp, Facebook, and WeChat are the top three messaging apps used worldwide. However, with newer and advanced apps entering the market, it is only a matter of time till another new app replaces the top players. However, for now, WhatsApp remains the top player in the majority of the countries worldwide, followed closely by Facebook and WeChat. Read on to learn about the top app in different parts of the world.


Both WhatsApp and Facebook dominate Europe. While people in the UK and South Africa prefer WhatsApp, people prefer Facebook when it comes to Western Europe.

United States

WhatsApp is the most popular app in the US and in Australia and New Zealand.


With more than 1 billion users, WeChat is a popular message app in China, while WhatsApp is the popular app in almost all other Asian countries, followed closely by Facebook.

WhatsApp – Perfect for growing your business

WhatsApp is now an app that has more than 1.6 billion users. Facebook acquired the company in 2014, and since then, its growth has only increased. With the growing popularity of WhatsApp, businesses all over the world have jumped at the opportunity and are trying to use the app to connect with more leads and clients. Progressive companies are using WhatsApp business API to reach people worldwide, especially the population from the younger demographic. There are various features of WhatsApp that businesses can use to notify customers about their appointments, shipping, delivery and much more.

Businesses should take the following steps to use WhatsApp efficiently:

Personalise your WhatsApp business profile

WhatsApp allows you to build a branded business profile that will be connected to your phone number. You can personalise this profile by putting your profile picture or your brand’s logo, which will help the clients recognise you and connect with you. This will allow them to know who is sending them messages. WhatsApp also allows you to let others know more about your business. You can use the About section to write a small story about your company and what it does.

Build your database and send a custom message to customers

WhatsApp helps you to increase customer reach and provide them greater satisfaction. Once you get the customer’s phone number in your database, it is easy to send messages to them, which helps with the marketing initiatives. For instance, businesses can send WhatsApp messages to their customers about their special offers, answer their questions or send promotional messages.

Increase sales

To increase sales, businesses should send informational content via WhatsApp for free. To make more and more consumers connect to you via WhatsApp, you should offer them great deals. Start an attractive promotion package to make consumers contact you on WhatsApp with their phone number. You can also encourage them to share the link of the products you want to buy through WhatsApp. Put your WhatsApp number everywhere online so customers can connect with you quickly and so later you can encourage them to buy your products.

Engage customers

To ensure to use of one of the biggest methods of communication with the customers, i.e., WhatsApp to the maximum, businesses need to start special offers to encourage customers to contact them through WhatsApp. If the offers are good enough, customers will share them with others increasing sales. This will also allow the business to understand their users more (age range, likes, dislikes, etc.) and, at the same time, will help in building the contact list.

Real-time customer service

The majority of the customers prefer a service where they can contact the business in no time. And, what better than a service where a simple WhatsApp click allows them to get in touch with customer support? With WhatsApp, you use only a phone number, and you can connect with the business, thus increasing customer loyalty, encouraging repeat business and building your brand. Connecting to clients with WhatsApp is much more effective than using other social media platforms, as WhatsApp does not require logging in.

With the audience becoming more and more tech-savvy, businesses have to look for new ways to reach their potential customers. Whether desktop devices or mobile devices, the audience is becoming much more proficient in filtering online ads and installing ad blockers, thus making it important for companies to look for new ways to engage with the customers.

What is WhatsApp Business API?

The WhatsApp Business API makes it easier for the business to integrate WhatsApp into the communication with the users. The app allows companies to respond to customers for free for up to 24 hours, after which they are charged a fixed fee for each message. Through the API, users can request information from the business about their product and service and have a conversation with your support staff. It can send notifications to the clients about the status of their service. However, businesses cannot send promotional messages through it. The best part is that customers can themselves start a conversation with the companies with API.

Businesses must learn how to send their message to use WhatsApp for marketing as users mustn’t feel bombarded with unsolicited messages. Companies can use broadcast lists, group chats and the WhatsApp Business API to get maximum profits for their business. Using Broadcast Lists and Whatsapp Groups ensures better engagement with the clients.

Broadcast lists

The broadcast list is a WhatsApp service that is effective for small businesses with a local customer base. Sending a message to a broadcast list allows the message to reach all the users who have saved your business number on their phones. However, this message cannot be sent to more than 256 contacts at a time, making it a practical solution only for small and medium-sized businesses. All you have to do is send the message once, and it will reach all the contacts in your broadcast list. The receiver can reply to this message, and it will show as a normal WhatsApp message in your chat, and other contacts cannot see it. Businesses can use this solution to promote their special offers, or promotions or share a piece of important news.

Whatsapp Groups

Businesses can make different WhatsApp groups related to their businesses where there can add a maximum of 256 contacts and have a conversation running with them. Any video, image or information shared on these groups is visible to all the group members, and all of them can reply to it. A company can make different groups with different contacts and keep the conversation running in these groups.

WhatsApp Usage 2018

What are WhatsApp chat WordPress plugins?

With so many benefits of WhatsApp, it is obvious that businesses would like to connect with their users through WhatsApp, which can be done through WhatsApp plugins. WordPress plugins can be embedded into your WordPress site so your WordPress site users can chat with you on WhatsApp. With WhatsApp plugins, you can add a WhatsApp chat button to WordPress and have an unlimited chat with your website visitors. You can either go for a standard integration or use WordPress plugins like the Elfsight plugin WhatsApp or NinjaTeam WhatsApp Chat plugin to get advanced features.

Elfsight plugin WhatsApp

Whatsapp chat plugins can help you send and receive unlimited messages to and from your customers on the website. The Elfsight plugin is easy to use and offers various customisation options. It also comes with a range of display settings and responsive layouts, which help to generate leads.

The Elfsight chat plugins feature can help your business in the following ways:

  • Engaging more clients to your site.
  • Growth in social media audience.
  • Offer enhanced service to the clients
  • Generating higher leads.
  • Strengthening website visitor engagement.

Elfsight WhatsApp Chat wp allows users to open a conversation directly to your WhatsApp phone number from your WordPress website. The best Whatsapp plugins include a chat button where you can include a pre set message, which will automatically be the first message in the chat.

How Elfsight wp chat app helps in the growth of your business?

WhatsApp plugin can help your business grow in the following ways.

Whatsapp button to connect with your users

With an Elfsight Whatsapp widget for your website visitors, you make it easy for your users to get in touch with you. The Whatsapp button enables users to send you questions and establish easy communication. As everything is connected to your phone number, you will be available to answer the queries of your clients anytime and anywhere. You can choose the pages where you want the WhatsApp button chat to appear, the time delay, and the type of device.

Whatsapp chat button to increase your sales

A chat button can increase sales on your website as users can have a live conversation with your customer support agents, which enhances the customer experience.

Whatsapp premium version for better features

With the premium version of the Elfsight Whatsapp plugin, you can get what you need. You can include multiple people from the support team helping the customers help your customer with whatever they have regarding order placing, booking, technical support, etc.

NinjaTeam WhatsApp Chat plugin

There are various WhatsApp plugins available in the market, and like Elfsight, you can also use the NinjaTeam WhatsApp Chat plugin. All of these plugins come with their own features. Below are some common ways to add the best WhatsApp plugins NinjaTeam to your WordPress.

WordPress shortcode

The NinjaTeam WhatsApp Chat plugin has a standard WordPress shortcode. Just place it on any page, and it’s done.

WordPress Gutenberg editor

While building a page, use a special Gutenberg blog of the plugin.

Native WordPress widget

Use this to add the NinjaTeam WhatsApp Chat plugininto any sidebar.

Visual composer

This element can be used to add a plugin to a website page as you are building it.

Below are the benefits of using the best WhatsApp NinjaTeam WhatsApp Chat plugin.

  • No need for coding
  • High quality results
  • Live updates.

Whatsapp chat plugin on your WordPress is the easiest way to stay in touch with your visitors. With this feature, you can connect with your visitors anytime, anywhere. You can effortlessly run sales and improve your customer service by just adding plugins for WordPress. A combination of Whatsapp business API, group chat, broadcast list and other features of Whatsapp can take your business to new heights. So to become a progressive business, opt for WordPress integration either through standard integration or with plugins. Although there are many plugins in the market, the best choices are the Elfsight plugin WhatsApp and NinjaTeam WhatsApp Chat plugin. Get them now!

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