An idea which has been on our mind for quite some time is to create ‘off the shelf’ website solutions. Having initially discussed this while at Outsite in California last year, our ideas we reiterated earlier this year while in Chiang Mai. The purpose of providing such a solution is to speed up the process of creating a website as well as keeping the costs down low. Website creation is very easy, I find the complications appear when there are far too many options.

Initially we started setting up ‘Twenty Two Soho’ but while researching carpentry websites for one of our new clients, we realised just how bad these are. A carpentry website should be relatively simple to create but we found the vast array of them looked like they had been created in the early 2000’s.

We didn’t really feel that a carpentry website would fit the services provided of Twenty Two Soho so we decided to create its own website and selection of servers at .

The aim of the website is to offer several very simple solutions depending where you are in your carpentry career. There are three types of website packages:

One Pager: This is a simple one page website which is the cheapest solution we offer. This would be ideal for someone starting out an apprenticeship or very early in their career. Our thinking behind this package is that it has two focuses. If you are just starting out, your experience might be limited so finding clients could be difficult due to experience. A couple of years down the line you will have some experience and your website will be a couple of years old. This is great! This means that you will have some kindve ranking and the website can be built upon.

Alternatively, it can simple act as a one page website which acts as an online business card, it can be used as a great reference point!

Start Up: Our Start Up package is suitable for anyone looking to add a bit more content regarding their services. The Start Up package consists of 5 pages and will be a great reference point to document some of your previous work and introduce prospective clients in the area to your carpentry business.

Established: The Established package includes up to 10 pages and really can showcase a diverse amount of your work and services. Ideal for carpenters who have been going for a few years and are well established.
As well as our fantastic website packages, we also offer some great branding packages which include a professional logo, business cards and relevant stationary.

Check out here ?

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