It looks so bad that we have not added a news item fast approaching for a year! We have been real busy and article writing always comes at the end of the list as even though it helps with our SEO massively, it does not effect us in the present. For that reason it always falls to the bottom of our ‘to-do’ list.

Because of that very reason, we are now making a conscious effort not to take on projects for short term gains which adversly effect our long term goals. Our marketing has been seriously neglected for close to two years and over the coming months we hope to really up our game in this department.  The first stop to redempetion, we are going to introduce a new project which we have launched ourselves to help with our marketing plans.

Over the last 3 – 4 years, we very tentatively tested our social media advertising. With very little time to truely put some time and effort into it, we always turned off our campaigns. Over the last 2 months this has changed and one of the tools which we hope to utilise is our very own web design quotation tool. Based on a prototype we made for a previous client, our web design quotation tool leads a propspective client through a number of steps which allows us to gain a better understanding of their requirements.

It is a great tool that we feel will help us easily gain new enquiries. Right now the problem we possess is how we get it in front of new clients. With no written content on the website, there is no chance that the website will appear naturally in search engines. For that reason we are going to have to look at ways of using PPC either via Adwords or Social Media.

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