People Will Always Need Pest Control!

Pests are well…pests, they are big menace to society. It can prove to be very stressful having pests in your home and also be dangerous. This is where pest control companies come in, they come to you and rid your household as fast and as safely as possible. The problem is, how do you find them? Pest control companies are always needed meaning people are online and searching for them. If you own a pest control company and don’t have a website, it’s time to rethink that idea!

The problem with most pest control companies is that they don’t know how to advertise themselves, leaflets through doors are a thing of the past. What if a client needs your service urgently but can’t find you? That’s were our SEO services come in. The Internet believe it or not is actually the most underutilized methods of advertising. There are so many opportunities, you have social media sites like Facebook and twitter, video sharing sites like YouTube, online directories such like Yell and of course your website. The possibilities are endless!

Where to Begin

When you set out looking for web design in the pest control sector there are a couple of things you need to think about; is the company good enough or experienced enough? Have you thought long enough about your domain name? Your domain also helps with SEO in terms of services that you offer. Will people like your logo? Logo’s should be something that leave a lasting impression so if your current one doesn’t have that feel – get a new one!

It’s the Little Things That Count

When you hire a professional they can advise on what is and isn’t appealing to those looking for your services. A pest control website should look professional and trust worthy. Do you have ‘catch phrases’ or a ‘tag line’? Your designer will advise you on that, after all, it might be corny! Don’t forget images, you can’t just stick an image of a dead rat on your website because it would scare people! You need images that will stand out.

Push Your Business Even Further!

So, you are online and have a website, why not try push your business some more? After all Facebook has over a billion (yes that’s billion with a B!) users, so even if one user per month came looking for services, it’s well worth while! When you have a website and social media you can link back to both, so you would have social media icons present on your website and on your social media page you would have a link to your website, which helps people engage with you or your brand. It also helps your SEO!

Looking for a Web Design Company?

So, if you are in the pest control sector and you are looking for a web design company or an SEO company, look no further! We can professionally and cost affectively build you a website that will give you the online presence you deserve and we will make sure that when people visit your site, they will want to contact you!

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