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Are you stuck trying to sell an NFT using Opensea and facing the same ‘There was an error with your transaction. Please try again later.’ notification? In this block post, we detail how to solve ‘Unlock selling functionality’.

We recently began creating an NFT drop and had been utilising Thirdweb to upload the NFTs and build the smart contract. As part of the testing process, we used the super easy embed function provided by Thirdweb to add the minting functionality to the website.

To keep costs low for the purpose of testing, we decided to use Polygon Mainet to mint the first NFT of the collection. The embed feature worked with no problems and the NFT was successfully minted and appeared in my wallet, viewable via Opensea.

As part of the next step of the process, I wanted to place the NFT up for sale via Opensea. When completing your NFT for sale on Opensea, the pop up will open as seen in the image below. In this case, we are prompted to ‘Unlock selling functionality’ with the following description ‘Submit a transaction with your wallet to unlock selling functionality for this collection. This only needs to be done once’.

Once the blue ‘Unlock’ button is clicked, my Metamask wallet opens and I am then presented with the following, non-descript error: There was an error with your transaction. Please try again later.

Unlock Selling Functionality - Opensea and Polygon
There was an error with your transaction - Opensea

Opensea Support

To solve the problem, I first opened a support ticket with Opensea, explaining my issue and seeking a solution.

My Ticket

Hello, I am trying to place an NFT for sale, however I am asked to ‘unlock’ the account. When I do this, I receive this error: There was an error with your transaction. Please try again.

I am using Metamask and I have a Polygon wallet installed.

Response from Opensea

With regards to the selling functionality, This is a known issue that has been happening with the Polygon Network recently. This issue is something that their team is working on a solution for. Sadly, because OpenSea does not control the Polygon network, we can’t provide any solutions or a timeline to their current issues. We know this is frustrating but your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated. In the meantime, some users are reporting success with submitting the transaction again.

You may try submitting it again or in case you’re still experiencing this issue, I’d recommend doing the following:

– Clearing your browser cache
– Resetting your wallet

Looking for a solution on Reddit

With very little help from Opensea, I began Googling for answers. This seemed like a common issue with a number of subreddits open detailing the same issue I was encountering.

How to unlock selling functionality for polygon network

Unlock selling feature in Opensea. Issue with paying MATIC.

Unable to unlock currency

While i read through each Reddit post to try to solve the unlock selling functionality for Opensea and Polygon, there never seemed to be a definitive answer or a clear solution.

The Solution

Solution One

While this didn’t work for us, many people did say this solved their problem. When listing the NFT for sale, you can change the duration date of the sale. If you change this to a different timeframe and then immediately change it back, this seems to have solved the problem for many people. However this did not work for me!

Solution Two

After three hours and still facing the problem, I contacted Thirdweb to ensure everything was set up my side correctly. They confirmed everything was fine. They suggested that when I start the minting process and choose the transaction speed/fee via the Metamask window, I choose the fastest option.

Amazingly this worked and solved how to fix the ‘Unlock selling’ issue when using Opensea.

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