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Online customer reviews can turn out to be a boon for CBD oil businesses. Reviews help prospective customers learn about the authenticity of a brand and its products. Moreover, reviews enable customers to make informed purchase decisions. So, the better the reviews are for a CBD oil business, customers will incline towards that business more. There is a direct correlation between reviews and customers decision to shop from a company and stay loyal. Two review platforms that customers often visit to find reviews are Trust Pilot and Google Review. Google Review and Trust Pilot both are leading currently.

Trust Pilot and Google review not just allow you to build trust, but they also help you rank well for popular keywords. Customer reviews are now becoming an integral part of SEO for the CBD oil business. Everybody knows the importance of SEO, but with Google and Trust Pilot reviews integrated into your website, they can help you enhance your visibility on search engine result pages and allow you to attract more potential customers.

Here are some ways Trust Pilot and Google Reviews can help your CBD oil business:

More Customer Feedback Means More Keywords!

Every business wants a good review for its products, but do you know that the more feedback you get, the more it will work like SEO keywords? You might have never thought that the customers leaving reviews about your product can work as content creators! Well, Google sees them like that. For Google reviews, these are considered to be content. So, whenever a customer leaves a review, Google will mark it as fresh content and will let it crawl.

Also, the reviews will contain company-related keywords, enabling them to position your website better in the SERPs. The result is a higher-ranking website based on the keywords the customers have used and enhanced CTR because of increased user intent match.

Stay One Step Ahead from Your Competitors

Most of your competitors are already focusing on SEO, search terms, coding, and website navigation. But what they are missing out on is tapping the five-star or positive reviews. You should start collecting positive reviews and installing them on your website so that your rank can be better in the SERPs. Any review that you collect and list will show up as golden stars, and who would mind that, right!

These icons will attract more and more searchers looking for CBD oil products. Moreover, companies that claim their product to be the best can never compete with the reviews left by customers. Good reviews mean more brand trust, and this results in better CTR.

Now, what does CTR has to do with SEO? One short answer, it will help you to rank better. Reviews will encourage prospective customers to visit your website, and the more people visit your site, Google will mark your site as popular.

Become Highly Valuable to Google and Search Engines

Google has changed its algorithm and has become clever while evaluating reviews of customers. They have developed a way to correct reviews with searchers intent on finding. So, positive reviews for your brand and its products will make your site/business/product highly valuable. Google shows reviews to customers, which means it will show customer reviews even for your CBD oil business.

The thumb rule is to offer the best customer experience to the customer the moment they visit you. Once you start focusing on providing high-quality customer service, you can expect customers to leave good reviews to encourage interested people to buy your CBD oil products. Therefore, focus on providing high-quality service and products to expect high-quality customer reviews, and you will soon appear in the top results soon!

Gives You an Opportunity to Respond and Engage Better

Google has changed the ins and outs of how it ranks a website. But of late, it has been encouraging businesses to respond to the reviews, be it positive or negative. When you respond to reviews, it tells customers that you give importance to them. Also, if someone has left good reviews, you can use keywords related to other products of your CBD oil business to promote them. Don’t be too blunt about it. Thank your customer first and tell them they might find other CBD oil products interesting.

Google knows how a business can rank better. By doing that, you will use more business-related keywords, you will be able to crawl in SERPs fast, you will be seen as a genuine company, and finally, this will could improve CTR.

Lesser Bounce Rates

As you may already know, bounce rates are determinantal for any business website. The higher the bounce rate will be, the lower the SEO ranking will be. And do you know that if visitors see reviews on your website, they are more likely to spend time and buy from you? Reviews provide visitors with a clear picture of the product they want to buy. They increase brand trust and enhance customer knowledge. All this will result in a lower bounce rate, which means good Google rankings.

How to Integrate Trust Pilot and Google Reviews on a WordPress Website?

To integrate Trust Pilot on your WordPress website, you will need to download the Trust Pilot plugin. After downloading it, you need to install the plugin, configure it, and finally display it on your WordPress website. In addition, the plugin will trigger an email to your customers and encourage them to review your company.

When it comes to Google Review, you can download the Google Places Reviews plugin, which is free to use. You can install it on your WordPress website directly. To use it, you need to go to the settings page. Then, enter your Google Places API key and connect it to Google. After that, you can use the shortcode, which will allow you to insert the reviews into your web pages and posts.

Wrapping Up

You should learn to adapt to the changing world of SEO. SEO is constantly moving and growing. Something that worked yesterday may not work today, and you can’t afford to stick to a stationary strategy. Both Trust Pilot and Google Reviews are essential for you and can help you stay ahead of your competitors. If you are a CBD oil business, you should consider integrating Trust Pilot and Google reviews. These reviews can impact your SEO strategies directly and indirectly. Cude Design can help you highlight the reviews that will increase your SEO ranking. To know more about the integration process, contact Cude Design today.

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