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Despite the increasing popularity of CBD products, sellers have found it difficult to meet customer demand for goods. With many well-known payment gateway providers banning CBD-related transactions, business owners have been searching for reputable, secure and cost-effective alternatives.

Fortunately, Trust Payments provides just this. As a well-established payment gateway, Trust Payments operates with credibility and gives users the confidence to make purchases via their framework. Furthermore, their willingness to facilitate CBD-related transactions makes them a prime CBD payment gateway.

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Who are Trust Payments?

With over 20 years’ experience in the industry, Trust Payments started out as a payment gateway. Today, they operate as an omnichannel payments provider, with POS payment services, mobile payment facilities and in-store payment options sitting alongside their online CBD payment gateway.

Facilitating more than 1.6 billion transactions each year and serving more than 7,000 active clients, Trust Payments is a global unified payments group, focusing on pay-ins, pay-outs and technology to enhance customer journeys.

Committed to finding creative solutions to complex problems and providing a customer-centric experience, Trust Payments are already well-known and well-used within the CBD community. Having identified the issues businesses and consumers were facing in relation to purchasing CBD products online, Trust Payments were quick to provide secure, reliable and convenient solutions.

What are the Pros and Cons of Signing Up with Trust Payments?

Many traders, merchants and business owners have found there are many benefits associated with signing up with Trust Payments, including:

  • WordPress & WooCommerce Compatible.
  • Unable to use with Shopify
  • Wide variety of payment methods
  • Insight platform to provide detailed information of all your payment data
  • Access to 24/7 support
  • Exceptional reliability and virtually no downtime
  • Facilitates CBD-related transactions
  • Regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA)
  • UK Based technical support
  • 14 settlement currencies and transactions in 100+ currencies
  • Free real-time reporting
  • Tailored fees depending on your use
  • Customised payment pages
  • Fast account setup
  • Simple solutions with easy implementation

Things to keep in mind when applying:

Unsurprisingly, you won’t be able to use Trust Payments in conjunction with Shopify. However, Shopify has already banned CBD-related sales from their platform, so this won’t have a major impact on merchants who are looking for a reliable CBD payment gateway.

Trust Payments actively encourage CBD vendors to talk to them about their needs. As a company that supports the CBD industry, they are familiar with the needs of merchants and eager to provide innovative solutions to support the growth of the sector.

How do CBD Sellers Get Started with Trust Payments?

For any seller looking for a secure payment gateway, Trust Payments make it easy to incorporate reliable payment facilities into their website. Their ‘Payment Pages’ solution is aimed at merchants who want a fast and hassle-free way to add a payment gateway to their website, so it’s ideal for growing businesses that require a CBD payment gateway.

There are relatively few requirements to begin using Payment Pages, so you could set up your online payment facilities quickly and be taking orders within a matter of hours. Firstly, you’ll need to register with Trust Payments and set up a MyST account so that payments can be facilitated. Providing your solution is PCI compliant and your firewall is configured to allow connections from Trust Payment IP ranges, you’ll be ready to implement their CBD payment gateway on your website straight away.

Trust Payments allow you to make and accept transactions on their own HTTPS server, so you can be sure that the gateway can be used securely. What’s more, savvy consumers know to look out for HTTPS URLs when submitting their payment information. By choosing Trust Payments as your CBD payment gateway, you can ensure that your customers won’t be deterred from completing a transaction due to security concerns or worries.

With no need to record or store card details on your server, you can minimise your involvement in data processing and management. As the regulations regarding the storage and handling of personally identifiable information (PII) continue to increase, the potential to reduce this onerous aspect of your operations can be extremely attractive. For SMEs, entrepreneurs and growing businesses, in particular, partnering with a gateway provider that takes care of data handling and storage means saving time, money and in-house resources.

With your Payment Pages functional and powered by Trust Payments, all you’ll need to do is amend the style with custom CSS, if you want to create a bespoke payment experience for your customers. By incorporating your own branding on to Payment Pages, you can enhance your customer’s journey and maximise the opportunity to promote your brand.

Customising Your Trust Payments CBD Payment Gateway

MyST is the online transaction management portal offered by Trust Payments. Logging in to MyST will give you access to all the transaction information you need. If you want to confirm that a payment has gone through, for example, you simply need to look for the ‘AUTH’ code next to it to confirm that it’s been accepted. With advanced search options, insights and real-time information, as well as custom notifications, you can remain completely in control and up to date with the orders and payments you receive.

As well as giving you the ability to track particular orders and payments, MyST allows you to gain insights regarding payment patterns and customer activity. If you want to determine when your busiest times are or uncover why customer’s make purchases at a specific time of day, for example, this data will prove invaluable.

Implementing Trust Payments CBD Payment Gateway

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the functionality of the gateway, all that’s left is redirecting customers to your Payment Pages at the appropriate time. With the addition of a small amount of HTML, this can be done quickly and without any disruption to your operations. When you choose to make these changes and make the gateway active, customers will be able to process transactions on your website via Trust Payments.

As one of the leading CBD payment gateway providers, Trust Payments is already well-known. However, their commitment to customer-centric services and close partnerships with merchants means they are central to the development of the global payment industry and sure to be a first-choice provider for a large number of CBD-related businesses.

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