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Having been working on WordPress to build our websites for a good amount of years now, we have a handful of WordPress plugins which we use in more cases than not. Find out about this plugins below and how they can help you manage your website.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is one of the most popular WordPress plugins, if you have had a WordPress website for anything over than a year it is extremely likely you have heard of it. Yoast SEO is an excellent plugin which helps you manage the search engine optimisation of your website. It is simple to use for beginners but has more advanced features for those who want to delve deeper. For beginners, it easily gives you access to the META Title and Description fields of each of the pages of your website. By doing this it gives you the capability to optimise each page. In addition this, you can add your Google Search Console (formely Google Webmaster Tools) code to verify ownership aswell as the verification code for Bing. Yoast SEO has a raft of options and is a must for anyone looking to begin optimising their website.

Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 might not be the most advanced contact form plugin available but it is certainly useful and is more than appropriote for the vast amount of cases. CF7 allows you to easily create the necessary fields you need for your form, create the format of the email which you receive when submitted and provides an easy to implement shortcode which can be placed on any page or widget. With more advanced websites, we may need to use Ninja Forms or Gravity Forms but CF7 is always our first love.

WPBakery: Page Builder

Wow, what can I say about this plugin?! Having used a number of premium themes in the past, it was quite common for them to provide their own page builder. Even now sometimes we are approached to work on a website with the Divi Page Builder and we cannot fathom how it still has a use case. WPBakery Page Builder (formely known as Visual Composer) is an awesome page builder with an incredible amount of options. The majority of premium themes normally come with this premium plugin.

Not only is it great when used for premium themes but we also use it for our bespoke websites, creating custom page building blocks which allows our clients to easily build new pages. If you are using WordPress, it is going to be impossible not to have encountered this plugin in some manner.


IThemes is a subscription based services which has an abundance of plugins which helps you manage your WordPress website. In particular, two the the more widely known plugins would be IThemes Security and BackupBuddy. IThemes Security offers a quick and easy way to secure your website for both beginners and experts. By taking this measure, you stop common ways that bots and hackers try to attack your website.

BackupBuddy compliments IThemes perfectly by letting you create automated backups which run on a schedule. The backups can be sent to a third party website such as DropBox or your Google Drive. This is an excellent fall back plan just incase someone does manage to gain access to your website, you should be able to roll back to a previous version and rectify any issues.

WP GDPR Compliance

With the introduction of GDPR earlier this year, there was quite a bit of panic and confusion regarding the steps which need to be made to become GDPR compliant. Once you stopped listening to the scaremongering, it wasn’t too confusing to understand. WP GDPR Compliance is another super easy plugin to use which helps you towards your aim of becoming GDPR compliant. Please note that this is not the only thing you have to do to become compliant.

The plugin allows you to easily add a notice with a checkbox to any forms you have on your website including Contact Form 7, Comments or WooCommerce.

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