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To coincide with our digital marketing push towards the CBD industry, we have launched a new digital marketing platform; Rude Growth!

Rude Growth stands for creating outrageous growth, not only in your business but on a personal level. The key focus will be towards living location independent (being a ‘digital nomad’), entrepreneurship, digital marketing and alternative industries, such as the CBD and Cannabis industry.

For our very first podcast, we had the fantastic opportunity of speak with Rick who created Holistic Hemp Scotland, one of the most established and renowned brands providing CBD products. I couldn’t have asked for a better first guest, we covered everything this podcast will is to be about, digital marketing, blockchain and the CBD industry.

The Rude Growth Podcast is available on Spotify, Stitcher & TuneIn. Very shortly you can also listen to it Spotify. You can even listen to the podcast directly from this page as well as read some of the best bits taken from our podcast with Holistic Hemp Scotland!

Listen to Episode 001 of The Rude Growth Podcast featuring Holistic Hemp Scotland

If you think your website is a cost, a business cost, instead of an investment, then you've already made a mistake.

Rick - Holistic Hemp ScotlandThe Rude Growth Podcast - Ep001
Wes (Cude Design): How come you moved from working in the digital marketing industry, to setting up a Hemp/CBD Ecommerce shop and product? What was your journey?

Rick (Holistic Hemp Scotland): But my personal interest is kind of a bit of a personal story so my my granddad is not with us anymore and hasn’t been for a few years. But he suffered with a disease called haemophilia. Now just to give you a brief idea what that is. Basically it’s when you’ve got no haemoglobin in your blood. It can’t clot, yeah.So you’ll never form a scab right.

So he suffered with it. I mean it’s a crazy disease because imagine growing up and being a kid and you know trying to ride a bike and all of these things like if you bump yourself you’re in real trouble because that because a lot of people would think Oh if you cut yourself that’s the worst case scenario in that. But actually it’s much worse if you just get a bruise because that’s internal bleeding. But it never stops. So they just you know your limbs might swell and you know God forbid you actually get knocked to the head because you can get swelling on the brain and all sorts of horrible stuff.

Now he’s the kind of guy where like he didn’t really care that he had haemophilia. He just did whatever he wanted to anyway. I kind of like the way he did that he reached a ripe old age thankfully which is good. You know along the way because he lived like that you know he’d always be banging himself and all this sort of stuff and like I don’t know he looked like a bit of a Frankenstein by the end because they’re taking skin grafts from his legs and putting them on his arm and all this his lips were all sewn together. Yeah. Now what CBD and cannabis didn’t do is obviously help his blood clot. They can’t replace haemoglobin or anything like that but what he was doing this is this is way back before there was a CBD industry.

He was buying quote unquote marijuana the full fat version of cannabis if you like. He was using it to treat his pain and between you and I you can see the difference in his quality of life immediately. You know the guy is in whole hell of a lot of pain and this thing gets him through the day allows him to enjoy his life allows him to go fishing and still use his fingers all sorts of stuff. So for my family and for everyone around him you know that’s quite stark thing to see you know that there’s this plan and the products that you can derive from it I’ve always sort of been vilified but when you can see the change in someone’s quality of life you really do think this is silly.

You know he’s having to buy it from various people you know that you wouldn’t want to deal with and all that sort of stuff and it’s just come to the point where it’s really daft. I mean my first question to people is where the hell do you think morphine comes from?

Legislation, Making Health Claims & Regulation

Rick (Holistic Hemp Scotland): Rick: Yeah and that’s what’s interesting about our industry you know it’s still difficult, is still tough going. You know we we do everything obviously within the law as it stands. In some areas of the law are a little bit murky. You know in terms of like how these products are classed and how they should be sold and all this sort of stuff – that you’d like to think the tide is turning. I mean you know the real shame here is look we we have to be really careful. I couldn’t talk estimates for example market my business in any way suggesting that there’s any medicinal benefit to our products. And it’s a weird one. I mean you know I’m not a doctor so I wouldn’t dream of giving anyone medical advice and then they certainly shouldn’t be mad enough to take medical advice from me.

You know some of the calls we get from existing customers about how it’s helping them and stuff like that. I think. I think we’re at this ridiculous point where everyone realizes that there may be benefits in these products and this plant. But we can’t talk about it and we can’t do paid advertising on Facebook, Twitter stuff like that which you know makes business trickier and harder to reach people. I think what interests me as you know I think the regulators at the moment they need to move because they need to make things easier and better for consumers. You know I think there’s a problem here where we’re not anti-regulation as a company. You know we welcome it because the reality out there at the moment is that you could go on Google for CBD oils and mate it’s a crapshoot. Right. You’re either going to get good quality product or you might get stung…

And you know part of the issue there is that because the regulation hasn’t isn’t there or there’s so many gray areas it means I’ve seen instances of customers like you know buying a product from a company and then actually lab testing it themselves and finding that you know possibly that oil says it contains 5 percent CBD, in fact it actually contains less than 1 percent or so. Yeah I mean and it’s frustrating because we don’t want the regulators to be happy and it’s the point where they kill the industry and stop people getting these products that would be a mistake because it really is making a difference. But on the flip side they need to be more present and make things a lot clearer. Because that’s how we clear up all the crap in the industry, right. And all the people who are in it just to make a quick buck and stick CBD on any old label because it’s in vogue or whatever.

How to set up a succesful CBD Company

Rick (Holistic Hemp Scotland): I mean that’s the thing, I think to be successful in the CBD business, t’s a bit of a game of who do you know. What I mean by that is you know you’ve (Cude Design) got the vast majority of skills that you’d need obviously to set up an e-commerce site right. That’s your bread and butter.

And the challenge that you’re going to have if you want to start shipping CBD products is just finding reputable suppliers and kind of relying on their expertise a little bit, right. Because you want to have lab tested products you want to have products that you’re confident you know what’s in them and that sort of thing. But you know once you get into it that’s where most of the time is sunk actually is building those relationships. I mean we spent God knows how much time like trying to find brand new farms in the EU, that no one else has found where we discover new products that no one has seen before or biomass that’s higher quality and our edge really is you know we know where to find them. We’ve spent years now working on those relationships.

Moving from the Digital Marketing industry to Hemp and CBD products

Rick (Holistic Hemp Scotland): I got I got out of the web game a little bit just because I’m starting to see things like we make of our money on apps and stuff but some of these Indian companies before they struggled to compete with us from quality but that starting to see that change now and you know sometimes you get sick of trying to compete on price you know. They’re saying: “Oh you know this guy says he can build this app for ten thousand dollars and we’ve quoted forty five grand. What’s the difference?”

And I’m like: “well there’s a big difference: but you know.”

Wes (Cude Design): Yeah I explain to the clients now the cost comes into is project management because as soon as you go and use an Indian company, you have to project manage them which is an absolute nightmare. You have to tell them exactly what to do. And people don’t realize that and that’s why their website and their marketing comes out rubbish & delayed because they don’t have the experience managing a website project.

There is one company we know and they just churn out cheap websites but we got three of their clients moved over to us last year. They literally sell you the website and then they just put you in touch with the Indian developer. It’s outrageous. But then the price they’re paying is five hundred pounds for a five page websites and they’ve got to project manage it themselves with an Indian developer. It’s just gonna be such hard work.

Rick (Holistic Hemp Scotland): They’re just salespeople aren’t they? You know I stack them high sell em quick. You know there’s an element of with these clients as well. You got to say to them: “Look you know 500 quid. What do you really expect? I mean what can you buy for five hundred quid these days.” Like they don’t understand. I think like look it’s 2019 everybody shops on the Internet including you. This is your shop. This is your shopfront. And you’re only going to spend five quid on it. There’s a misunderstanding here of how important it is.

And for me it’s a mindset thing. If you think your website is a cost, a business cost, instead of an investment then you’ve already made a mistake. If you’re trying to penny pinch you should actually be trying to increase your budget for web and digital stuff because you should return money. You know what we got to the point where if we found we had to explain that to clients they weren’t the client for us you know.

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