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Conferences are always great marketing devices for businesses. They’re an opportunity for you to learn about new and upcoming industry trends, network with like-minded individuals, and spread the word about your business. The secret to conference success lies in the conferences you go to. Pick the right ones, and you can help your business thrive.

If you run a business that sells CBD oil or any other similar products, then you will benefit from attending at least one CBD conference this year. Which one should you attend? Well, here are the top five CBD conferences to consider going to in 2019:

Europe CBD Expo – London

If you act fast, then you might be able to catch the Europe CBD Expo as it touches down in London on the 12-13th July this year. It’s known throughout the industry as the number one cannabis event in Europe for CBD businesses.

There are an impressive 4,000 square meters of conference floor to take advantage of, with nearly 100 exhibitors all displaying interesting ideas and revelations from within the industry. It’s a great conference to attend if you want to learn more about medical cannabis and CBD oil as a whole – and the business behind it. As well as general exhibits, there’s also an educational zone and over 30 speakers – all of which are world-renowned in the CBD industry. It’s an event where you can sit and listen, wander around, and gain a lot of ideas for your business.

This conference also boasts a variety of workshops that help you get hands-on with medical cannabis and CBD, etc. Plus, one of the best things – from a business owner perspective – is the influencer lounge. Here, you can get together with influencers and members of the press to talk about CBD and network. It’s the perfect chance to try and market your business or connect with potential partners for the future.

Hemp & CBD Expo – Birmingham

The Hemp & CBD Expo in Birmingham is always a popular conference to attend. In fact, they already held one in March earlier this year, and it was a rousing success. Back then, there were 110 exhibitors, 5121 visitors, and 30 industry speakers. It attracted a lot of attention and was seen as a fantastic way to grow your understanding of CBD and the whole idea of CBD businesses.

The next event begins in September 2019 and is going to be bigger and better than the previous iteration. 160 exhibitors are confirmed, and tickets have already been sold to 8000 people! There will also be 50 speakers, meaning there’s plenty for you to learn if you go there.

This is a conference you can attend as a visitor to try and learn as much as you can about the CBD industry and where things are going in the UK. But, if you head to their website you can also try and book a stand to set up an exhibit of your own. With over 8000 people predicted to attend, this would be a prime marketing opportunity for you. Even if you can’t get a stand, you will still benefit from attending the conference and networking with all the other CBD professionals in attendance.

Product Earth – Warwickshire

Across the August Bank Holiday weekend, you will see the Product Earth conference happening in Warwickshire. This conference aims to try and enlighten and educate the industry around the whole CBD and medical hemp sectors. A lot of awareness will be raised to try and reform the UK laws to make CBD business more acceptable and prominent in modern society.

It’s a fantastic conference to attend as a visitor or a business owner. You can register to exhibit and create your own stand that promotes your company while providing education to all the other attendees. The Product Earth Expo has been dubbed the biggest in the UK as it regularly brings in over 6,000 visitors and more than 2,000 retail stores to the conference. As such, it’s such an excellent place for you to try and generate leads or make sales.

You can also register for B2B at the event, which will help set you up with other businesses where you can network and share any ideas you might have. It’s a chance to potentially form partnerships with retail companies that are looking to dip into the CBD oil market.

International Congress on Clinical Trials in Cannabis (CT-Cann2019) – London

Another conference to attend in London is the CT-Cann2019. This takes place over the 24-25th of October this year, and it will include a lot of information on medical cannabis and the potential effects it has on the body.

There is still the chance to network with other people as the target audience for this event is mostly industry professionals, and people keen to learn more about cannabis. However, the primary focus is to educate and inform. By gaining more knowledge of cannabis and how it works, this can help fuel your future business plan. It may provide you with information on what products you should develop and how you can go about marketing them.

CBD Academy – London

The final event you should think about attending is the CBD Academy – presented by VAPOUROUND CBD magazine, in association with CUPID CBD. This conference is led by industry experts that will look at all things CBD. It’s very much focused on what the industry needs to understand about CBD oil and cannabis if it wants to grow and enter the mainstream market.

Along with this, you’ll receive details from doctors or business people who have already experienced success in the CBD industry. It’s a brilliant chance to hear about what it takes to be successful and how to go about things the right way.

If you’re interested in attending this CBD conference, then make sure you book your tickets as soon as possible before August 12th.

Even if you don’t get the chance to present an exhibit at any of these events, attending them can help you grow your business by filling you with new knowledge and ideas. Plus, a CBD conference is perfect for networking, which can help you generate future leads or partnerships. Ideally, you should try and attend as many of these conferences as possible to improve your CBD business and learn more about the industry you’re in.

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