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Over the course of the last 36 months, a plethora of cannabis and CBD oil businesses have launched. While competition is fierce, the quality of the branding, story behind the company and how this is presented is often seriously lacking. The result? Every company we speak to proclaims to be selling the best CBD Oil on the market but their branding story and online presence really doesn’t convey the same message. Why is your CBD Oil better than your competitors? What is the story behind you and your product?

One of the biggest problems facing the end-consumer is product differentiation & transparency. Is there any way of telling the difference in quality from one product from the next? Creating a branding story is the first step in the right direction and then to build upon this across all media platforms.

The two biggest questions when looking to launch your own brand and website are:

1.) Who is your target market (who will be buying your product)?
2.) How will you stand out from the other products on the market targeting the same consumer as you?


In this article, we cover the best Cannabis/CBD Oil companies we have found who have a great presence online and an impressive branding image across the web.

Cannabis/CBD Oil companies we love online

Goat Grass CBD

Let’s start out by looking at Goat Grass CBD. This company has done a particularly good job of coming across as a brand you can trust. The first thing to jump out about this site is the company’s logo. Nowadays, we’re used to CBD companies having logos that incorporate a cannabis leaf within the design. It seems pretty standard. This is understandable – it’s to the point and lets people know what the company is selling straight off the bat. But at the same time, it’s become a little overdone. Goat Grass have stepped outside of the box and have come up with a unique goat-based logo, placing emphasis on their brand name rather than the products that they sell. Another trope that we’re used to seeing on CBD sites is the colour green featuring strongly throughout web page design. Again, this is logical – CBD is heavily associated with the colour green, giving CBD websites a sense of continuity with their products. But again, Goat Grass have been bold in rejecting this tradition and opting for a strong black and beige based design. These colours are neutral, allowing their high-quality product photography to stand out and do the bulk of the heavy lifting when it comes to getting clicks and sales. When it comes to their product photography, branding and design are consistent across Green Goat’s products, with a variation of colour to help customers distinguish between different products themselves. Colours used are subtle and relatively rather than bold, sticking with the concept of the brand’s website colour palette. There’s a real sense of continuity through their website, products and social media platforms, which effectively sells their CBD products.

User experience is essential for a good customer experience on any website. The navigation across Goat Grass’ entire page has been built well, with each product category being easy to find without the process feeling overwhelming. There are no problems getting from one part of the site to another.

Nowadays, websites require more than just product pages to entice a customer. They need content that will form an allegiance between consumer and brand. They also need to provide all of the information that anyone could possibly need to make a decision on whether to purchase a product or not. Goat Grass really do say all the right things to make their products desirable. While CBD sites often can’t discuss actual health benefits due to medical regulations, Goat Grass effectively give in-depth detail about everything they provide and how their products could benefit you.


A second brand we want to highlight is Cannadonia. Unlike Grass Goat, this company have gone with the traditional green colour scheme and has incorporated cannabis leaves into their logo. But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The colour green has been used sparingly and effectively, while the logo is subtle and clean. This soft approach isn’t overtly loud, helping Cannadonia to come across as trustworthy and professional in the customer’s mind.

There’s a real sense of brand consistency throughout the site, with nothing looking out of place and when it comes to product packaging, this company has nailed it. They have a solid packaging design, again, using green sparingly but effectively. Again, cannabis leaves have been incorporated – letting the customer know exactly what they’re getting – but sparingly and tastefully. The imagery really isn’t overpowering.

When it comes to this site’s navigation, the menu is really effective. CBD companies tend to sell a wide variety of different products, but Cannadonia manage to get their options across without things looking cluttered or overcrowded. However, we would like to see their products be a little more prominent within the navigation. After all, this is where they need page users to click in order to generate a profit.

In terms of content, this page has a nice amount of written content that outlines what they provide, including plenty of positives about their products without violating medical regulations. However, they could do with providing some more detail about what makes their products really stand out. There isn’t much reason given why customers should buy their products over a competitor’s.

We Thrive

Next, let’s take a look at We Thrive. This CBD site is a real alternative to what we’ve come to expect from CBD companies. It has a truly unique looking design with a drastically alternative colour scheme of aqua, pink and grey.

This company seems to have taken the approach of appealing to a health conscious person. The brand name itself – “Thrive” – implies that the company will help you to get the best from your health in order for you to live the best quality of life possible.

Their product photography really helps to make their products stand out from the crowd. All too often, low quality or simply ineffective product photography can draw away from the aesthetic of the website. But Thrive’s product photography only adds to it. Their product packaging has class design and really stands out from the crowd, effectively catering to the health-conscious person.

An added bonus to this site is its clear and concise navigation. As we’ve noted before, the sheer range of CBD products that many companies like Thrive provide can often lead to confusion and a bad user experience. But Thrive has clear and concise navigation throughout their site.

Their content is also appealing. There are four key sections on the Homepage which help to shine some light on the brand’s founder, making the website and brand feel a little more personable. This is a great way to boost customer relations and brand loyalty. On top of this, there’s a section clearing up commonly asked questions regarding CBD, which welcomes first time users well. However, again, this is a brand that fails to let users know why their products are better than others on the market.


Next up, Elixinol. This is a well known brand with over 25 years of experience. So, it’s not all too surprising that the company has implemented solid branding throughout the whole website and product range! They’ve opted for a blue colour scheme, which people automatically associate with the medical field, giving the brand a sense of reliability and implicating health benefits without overtly claiming them. However, Elixinol ensures that their branding doesn’t look too sterile by opting for a unique shade and tone. This branding identity is reflected well across their website, social media platforms and product range, creating a real sense of consistency through all of their web content.

Navigation throughout this site provides a good user experience. As you’d expect from a high profile brand, everything is well thought out and simple to find. Products are placed first in the navigation list, encouraging clicks and sales.

One area where this company website stands out is its excellent use of social proofing. There are plenty of company testimonials and products reviews throughout, with logos included wherever the brand is mentioned to really join together the brand and positivity in the webpage user’s mind.

There’s plenty of content to keep the user on their site. The “About” section does a good job of letting the visitor know about the company and how the product is created. However, this can feel a little overwhelming in areas such as the “Education” section.


CBD One caught our eye some time ago. This is a company that has implemented simplistic, smart and clean branding throughout their entire site. While the branding is concise, it also manages to look inline with many high end beauty and health products, effectively appealing to the target audience and creating a sense of luxury around what they’re selling. Branding from the site has also been transferred across to their social media icons, which works really well.

This is a well laid out website. While there’s plenty going on and it could look quite busy with information, the company has done a good job of setting everything out nice and neatly. Navigation is simple, allowing the website visitor to navigate in different ways. You can navigate by product type, or, alternatively, you can navigate by product strength. This is an option that other sites we’ve seen so far haven’t included, but it has a real perk of allowing the website user to easily filter through products and find what’s appropriate for them.

In terms of content, the “About” page is a bit hidden and could do with a little more emphasis. However, plenty of emphasis is placed on their product quality and production, which, at the end of the day, is where most sales will lie. There’s solid information regarding CBD and their most commonly asked questions are cleared up well. Buzzwords are also effectively used throughout. It would be nice to see a bit more about the founder or team, as We Thrive do. This could help with brand awareness and loyalty.

High Kind

High Kind are a brand we recently came across on Instagram. From their feed, their product packaging really stands out with a bright clean design. It really stands out from the crowd and looks unique – doing a good job of bringing us to the company’s actual website.

The website is nicely designed and reflects the simplicity that appealed to us on High Kind’s social media feeds. Everything is well laid out and simple to navigate. Product categories are clearly defined in the navigation, pointing the user in the right direction to find what they’re looking for. There’s no clutter and everything is easy and straightforward to find.

Product photography on the site replicates that of their social media feeds. It is of a high quality  and well presented, really pushing sales. However, in terms of content, this brand doesn’t provide all too much more. Any information regarding the company is pretty hidden away and there isn’t much information regarding their products and what they provide. The brand also has over 700 verified reviews that they could really draw on for social proof. This would help to exemplify their loyal customer base and draw in further customers if it were used effectively, so this does feel like an area High Kind have missed out on within their web page design.

Green Roads

The final brand we’ll take a look at is Green Roads. This company has a truly impressive site, with a well laid out homepage that flows well at the same time as providing a whole lot of information for the user. It really is impressive that they’ve managed to include so much information without coming across as overwhelming! This brand exemplifies excellent use of imagery on their page. Images of people’s faces are used throughout, helping users to connect and identify with the brand and feel part of a community when they’re buying from the company. The branding is solid throughout. Plus, everything is easy to navigate with some really nice features like “Help me pick my product”.

What makes this company stand out from many listed above is that they go out of their way to show how and why their products are better than their competitors’. While most CBD companies tell you that they’re the best, Green Roads go above and beyond to show exactly why they think they truly are the best. While lab testing and QR codes have now often become standard, and while all CBD brands can start to feel like they offer exactly the same things, Green Roads highlight who is behind the product range and why this gives them the confidence to stand firmly behind the quality of their products. A heavyweight Instagram following of over 56,000 people helps too! When it comes down to it, Green Roads can be taken as a blueprint on how a reputable CBD company should be presenting themselves online!

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