Web designers are always trying to remain abreast of the latest trends in social media. Why is this important? Basically, they have to make sure that they can deliver a website that is competitive with others in the industry. In 2015, social media and social signals will play a huge role in website optimization, sales conversions, and exposure. If you want to be a competitor, you’ll have to know the social media trends of 2015. Here are some of the most important ones:

Social Media Trends: Mobile Usag

Mobile is a Huge Priority

As more people begin to make purchases online, mobile will become a priority. Every company is trying to optimize their websites in order to ensure that they maximize the number of visitors and sales conversions for their company. As people like articles and photographs on their websites, they increase the possibility of increasing their website ranking position. Since 65 percent of social network activity originates from mobile devices, social media is a great place to start to gain exposure and increase ranking position.

Social Media and Ecommerce

Shopping Via Social Media

Social media trends seem to be headed towards people buying more of what they see on the social sites. Some social media networks are almost to the point of being able to process payments without forcing their customers to an external website. They’ll serve as your online wallet and in many other capacities. They want to be in charge of handling the transaction for you and help you take the path of least resistance. Social shopping is preferable for people who love to shop online because of the convenience. It’s a great way to capture the attention of your audience without “hard-selling” them. You can educate and consult with the consumer until they are compelled to buy through your social media website. Snapchat partnered with Square to make online purchases easier through Snapcash. They use the Square servers to help you make payments easier. Social shopping is easier because a network is there to ask for recommendations and to help make the transactions easier. If you’re a business, sales will be easier because everything you might need to make a purchase will be in one location.

Social Media Trends 2015: Videos

Engage Consumers with Social Media Videos

You can engage your consumers with social media by using video. YouTube, Vine, and Instagram are just a few social video services where people can share without using writing or photography skills. Since in-feed advertising has been added to videos, more people are beginning to use social media to engage their targeted audiences. Websites are now designed for vines and videos to insta-play for ease of use. Web design and web development has had to evolve to make sure that these videos play without any buffering or lag issues. Vlogging and micro-vlogging are just a few ways that companies are using video to produce content that will help consumers understand the company’s brand.

Personal Privacy and Niche Networks

Many social media sites are working on solutions to help users maintain anonymity online. For instance, Facebook is offering a new anonymous chat room that requires an invitation to join. Friends will not see when each other are online, and thus, it’s more private. Users will also be able to access web pages without being tracked through Tor. A niche social network is designed can help you appeal to a group of people who are more likely to buy.

Social media trends in 2015 are important to remain abreast of as you try to build your website. If you want to know more about the social media trends of 2015, review these trends and incorporate others to help you appeal more to your customers.

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