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Since June we have consistently been hitting our target of a 1,000 worded blog post per week. Encouraged by our initial results in September, our ‘impressions’ and ‘clicks’ plateaued for around 4 – 6 weeks, taking a dip and settling below our all time high for ‘impressions’ and ‘clicks’. Having attended a conference, an interested point was raised regarding writing content and ensuring you receive the best benefits from a content writing strategy. The main take home was to create ‘evergreen’ content; this is content which does not go out of date and can continue to be useful for several years. This means it will continue to be search for and be useful to your website driving traffic.

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We have taken this advice on board, mainly targeting WordPress related topics but also focusing on emerging trends/markets such as voice search, Alexa and cryptocurrency, in particular, how to integrate with your website. 2 months on from November and we have seen a huge spike in ‘Impressions’ and ‘Clicks’, with a 16x increase in ‘Impressions’ since June and nearly a 3x increase in ‘Clicks’. This has been a major success and as with our initial push, we have seen both stats retrace in recent weeks. Check out our statistics from June, September and November below.

So, what are we going to do now? We are going to continue with the process of creating 1,000 worded blog posts every week. For us this is working and having the desired effect. Now we know this is working, we are able to concentrate on other areas of our marketing.

Search Impressions & Clicks – 28th May/28th June 2018
Search Impressions & Clicks – 31st Auguest/27th September 2018
Search Impressions & Clicks – 31st October/27th November 2018

Utilising Google Adwords to find new customers for our WordPress Agency

In a total of 6 years, we have delved into Google Adwords a number of times, most recently using Google Adwords for 2 months in 2016. August is notoriously a hard month and we found the money we invested over a 2-month period produced no leads, this could have been due to a badly created account or the time of year.

In September we decided to resurrect our Adwords account and take a look at the campaigns previously set up a couple of years ago. One thing we noticed was the type of keywords we were being found off, more often than not, the clicks we were receiving were not related to the services we wanted to target.

What is Google Webmaster Tools?

Google Webmaster Tools is a free toolset provided by Google that helps you first understand what’s going on with your website. This way you make decisions based off of data instead of going in blindly.

Click here for a beginners guide to Google Webmaster Tools

While looking through our Google Webmaster Tools, an idea struck me that we should be using this data to add to our Adwords account and target the keywords we are already appearing for. By looking at the current search terms we are receiving impressions for, we can use this information as our keyword research. We cross referenced the search terms which had the highest amount of impressions with the ones we appear highest on search results. We added this to our campaign as ‘Phrase Match’. Check out the options available and what each match means below.

We have two campaigns set up, Local (targeting Surrey) and national (targeting England). Within these two campaigns we had 3 Ad sets, targeting Web Design, WordPress and Web Development. Right now, we are only utilising the WordPress Ads, using a modest budget until we are certain we are on the right track. We are going to monitor this by adding conversion tracking to our contact forms, so we can tell when user has visited the website via Adwords and successfully sent a message via our contact form.

If you have been following our previous blog posts in the series, you will know we are currently running a Facebook Re-Targeting campaign. Anyone who visits the WordPress page on our website is re-targeted to on either their Facebook or Instagram account. This compliments our Adwords advertising, re-targeting these users who visit our website via their social media platform.

As with our content strategy, once we know it is working at an optimal level, then we will increase our budget within the campaign to maximise our success rate.

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