Joanne Henson came to us at the end of October, describing her current WordPress website as ’embarrassing’. We were set the task of designing a clean website using WordPress to improve Joanne Henson’s online presence.

With Joanne’s plan of expanding her online presence including YouTube videos and a book, Cude Design set out finding a WordPress theme that was flexible and would grow with Joanne’s expanding business. We soon found a sleek WordPress template which we could mould into the image that Joanne was looking for an incorporate the colours that were to represent the business, Teal and Green.
With the template chosen and development started we begun work on designing the logo to go with the website.

‘I think I would like some sort of symbol or graphic to go with my name, but I cannot think of any specific shapes unless it’s something symbolic of a body in motion (which looks neither male nor female)?’

With this in mind we passed it over to our expert logo designer who incorporated the body in motion and the colours what were to embody, (pictured above).
The end result was a website that Joanne was no longer embarrassed of and one which has the potential to become a powerful tool for her expanding business.


‘A very big thank you for designing and implementing my website. You’ve been professional, helpful, knowledgeable and responsive, and delivered really quickly. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone looking for a quality website. I look forward to working with you in the future as I expand my business!’

Joanne Henson

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