Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines, such as Google. To have a truly successful website, a basic knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is essential. Here we will cover the basics and give you some tips so you can understand what it takes to succeed on such search engines as Google.

Content is King

Content on your website will be the key element that will separate you from the competition. Great content will result in Google finding you relevant and placing you in a good position. Having good content will also increase the chances of other websites linking to your site.
If your content is not quality your website will have nothing to market. Google will derive the majority of its information on page relevance from your content. This alone is how you will be able to secure a top placement.

‘Backlinks are Queen’

Google uses inward links to your website to rank how important your website is and therefore where to rank it. Google relies heavily and gives great weight to what other websites are saying about your website. This is because other websites are more likely to be impartial and truthful about your website.
You should be aiming to gain ‘quality’ backlinks. These are links located on a web page that is relative to your website. For instance for my website, I would place a link in a forum about web design and development, or a listing directory under the web design and development section.


META Tags are used to tell Google what your website is about and build an accurate theme. They also describe your website in the search results. The three main META Tags are as follows:
META Title: Displayed at the top of your browser window and in the title of Google’s returned result for your page.
META Description: This contains the description of your page for other search engines to display. Google looks at this tag but displays its own description, picked from your page.
META Keywords: Here you can list the keywords that are relevant for your page.
All tags should be written page specific. If you do not use your keywords in your content, Google will not be able to see the relevance of your website.

Google AdWords

With Google AdWords you can be on the first page of Google within minutes. Your add will appear in the sponsored listing alongside the natural listings and you only have to pay a fee when you receive clicks on your ad.
The main benefit of AdWords is that you are instantly advertise your website under your desired keywords and to your target audience. Due to this, your conversion rate will be higher that if you target people at random.
Your Ad will not be only listed on Google but their partners too. This includes the likes of AOL, ASK and Lycos. By placing your ad on Google AdWords and its partners you can potentially reach 80% of the internet.

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