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We are actively looking at ways to interact with the CBD community. As we are a member of the CTA (Cannabis Trades Association), we took the opportunity to answer some of the member’s questions via their Facebook group. This is something we plan to do more regularly via other social media channels in the coming months. Check out the two best questions from our Q and A.

I’m struggling to sponsors advertising CBD on any platforms. Do you have any suggestions how to drive traffic to my website?

Correct, pay per click ads are almost a no go for CBD. There are a tonne of ways to drive traffic to your website outside of paid ads. Firstly you should have a clear idea of the USP of your product and the exact target audience, noting their interests.

Now you know your target audience and outlined the USP of your product, the next step would be to work out what social media channel they actively use. Here is a great blog post which clearly outlines the demographic of each social media platform.

It will then be your job to create fresh content which is engaging and appeals to your target audience using your chosen social media platform.

From our personal experience, using Instagram Influencers is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website. Website traffic for an Instagram Influencer also has the highest conversion rate compared to other sources of traffic from our experience. One social media channel which is seriously neglected is YouTube, creating content talking about CBD or interests related to your target audience is also a fantastic idea.

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I am just getting started with my new business as venture into the world of CBD. So you have any tips or tricks for launching my social media platforms?

I know for a lot of people social media can be quite overwhelming and often paralysis people into not being able to make a decision on what platform to use and what to post. Often people are worried about posting correctly and what others will think.

The best thing to do is choose 1 social media platform to begin with and get your first post out! Far to often people want every post to be perfect, just get posting and look to improve your content as you learn how to use the chosen platform and how potential customers react to your posts, evolving over time. You learn more from a bad post than not posting at all!

Now you are feeling confident, it is important you create a schedule of when you plan to post on your social media channels and how this will correspond with your product launch and any written content on your website. A great way to schedule your posts would be to use a tool such as

Before launching your product, you should begin to build anticipation by creating ‘coming soon’ posts and teaser content surrounding your product. Running a giveaway upon launching is a great way to generate interest and increase the number of followers of your newly created brand.

You can find out more here: How to perfect your product launch on social media

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