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Besides the odd sporadic couple of months over a period of five years, we have never invested significantly in pay per click advertising, whether that be via social media such Facebook or Google AdWords. We have a great organic rank on Google and we were always too busy to begin learning of such mechanisms.

Digital marketing is always changing and evolving. All our clients always ask for services which go beyond web design, I don’t believe there is room to only be a web design agency in this current age. We must offer more services and become a digital marketing agency to ensure that the great websites we build are seen and receive relevant traffic.

This is the first post in the series in which we hope to document our journey of learning about Facebook Advertising, how to combine this with Google AdWords and our new marketing journey over the next 8 – 12 months with the aim of increasing traffic and growing our business.

We won’t be walking through the basics of creating a Facebook business page etc, there are tonnes of articles written about this, just Google it 🙂

Where to start with Facebook Ads

Right! Where to start?! Over the last 2 years we have had a little play with Facebook advertising, we boosted a few posts, purchased 1000’s of fake followers and hired a couple of people now and again to have a play at Facebook advertising. Firstly, purchasing fake followers is completely pointless, you need to build a community and with Facebook’s algorithm, it is going to cause you more harm than good. So, don’t buy fake followers! That is the first lesson.

We have never had any luck employing people to work on our Google AdWords account, SEO or Facebook advertising account if I am honest. We have never seen any ROI and my brain becomes overwhelmed with their advice on how to improve enquiries.

This time is different, we are going to learn for ourselves as it is going to be hugely beneficial to not only us but also for our clients in the future. The best way to get to grips with the basics of Facebook Advertising would be to purchase a Udemy course. We already had some knowledge of how to advertise but the course was excellent, and I would advise anyone to purchase the course whether you are a complete newbie or a semi familiar with Facebook advertising.

The Complete Facebook Ads Course – Beginner to Advanced

Udemy Course Done - 6 Weeks Of Facebook Advertising

If you have taken our advice and watched the course or even read any tutorials regarding Facebook advertising, then you would know ‘Split Testing’ is a fundamental part of the process. We have spent 6 weeks of advertising, using a small budget to test content, images and geographical locations. For content creation we used an excellent resource called Ad Zombies. They offer some great services to write your ads for you.

During this time, we constantly refined our ads, often changing the target demographic which produced the most clicks for the smallest price. The main stumbling block at this stage was, we were receiving no additional enquiries, it’s great to have more clicks but how could we be certain we were reaching the right people. The two main ads we were running were targeting general web design and WordPress websites.

Unhappy With Agency Facebook Ad

Unhappy With Your Web Design Agency Facebook Ad

WordPress Agency Facebook Ad

WordPress Agency Facebook Ad

Expert Advice and Demographic Targeting

We had spoken to someone a few months prior regarding a client’s Facebook account and thought we should get in touch to get an expert opinion. Right away I had the similar feeling to when I used to speak to ‘SEO experts’ in the past. Little to no substance. We discussed the main problem and we both agreed that we must target a specific demographic.

The problem is though, who is our demographic? Are all our clients interested in Top Gear? Nope! Are they all fitness fanatics? Nope!

The biggest breakthrough came when I was offered a free 30 min consultation from Facebook and we discussed this specific subject. They agreed I had good Ads, and everything was in order. They gave me a great list of interest or job titles I could target;

Interests: Self-employment, Behaviours: Small business owners, Facebook Page admins, Business page admins or Health & Beauty page admins, Employers: Small Business owner, Business Owners or Self-Employed, Job title: Self-Employed or Managing Director

Demographic Refined and Re-Targeting

We have now taken Facebook’s advice and refined the demographic we are targeting. We have two ads running to generate traffic, one for people who are unhappy with their current agency and another one for broad WordPress services. We are also running these both in the Surrey area and nationally. A specific page has been set up for users who respond to the ‘Unhappy with your agency ‘ ad, this can be seen by clicking here.

In addition to this we have set up two retargeting campaigns via the Lead Form option for campaigns. Both campaigns re-target anyone who visits the relevant pages regarding pre-mentioned blog post or the WordPress page of our website.

I am glad to say we just received our first lead.

Check back very soon to find out how Google AdWords in fitting in to our new marketing plan!

Unhappy With Agency Facebook Re-targeting Ad

WordPress Agency Facebook Re-Targeting Ad

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