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An Introduction to Nochex Secure Payment Services for Online CBD Sellers

If you’re new to CBD, or even if you’ve been selling online, it probably comes as no surprise that finding a payment processor is usually the final hurdle in getting set up online. Nochex could possibly be a great solution for established CBD sellers in the UK, new start-ups, and sellers shut down by Viva Wallet or by any payment processor a warm welcome. In fact, they’re the UK’s longest-standing payment processor for CBD, and with an exemplary track record and excellent service delivery, they’re the experts to speak to about CBD payment processing.

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Who Are Nochex?

Nochex has been around for over 20 years, making them a well-established payment processor. They were one of the first off the mark when E-Cig businesses were starting up, helping to shape the future of the industry. Similarly, they’ve been active in CBD since it’s inception. They have a number of CBD banking relationships, as well as a fast, efficient onboarding process.

What are the Pros and Cons of Signing Up with Nochex?

There are several reasons to sign up with Nochex, including:

  • A quick on-boarding process, if approved you’ll hear back from them in 24 – 48 hours
  • Some of the lowest set-up fees in the industry
  • No restriction on processing volume, which means they can accept CBD start-ups
  • A Legal Opinion Letter is not required
  • You do not need to be a member of a CBD trade association
  • You can sell CBD vaping products
  • Their technology integrates with most major shopping cars (as well as a host of lesser-known ones)
  • A dedicated UK-based account manager

Two things to keep in mind when applying:

To be eligible for a Nochex account, you’ll need to be able to supply lab reports for your products, and Nochex payment processing solutions do not support Shopify.

How Do CBD Sellers Get Started with Nochex?

Getting started is easy; the account application process is quick, and you can be processing payments for CBD within two working days.

Want to find out more? If you’re not quite ready to make the switch and want to know more about Nochex service for CBD sellers, follow this link.

Reliable and Effective Payment Solutions with Axcess Merchant Services

For established businesses who are already selling CBD online, or if you’re a CBD start-up with significant funding or prior industry experience, Axcess Merchant Services could be the solution you need to improve your payment efficiencies. They’ll help you reduce costs, remove rolling reserves, add additional products that may be restricted by your current processor, and even assist you in entering new European markets.

Who are Axcess Merchant Services?

Axcess Merchant Services was established in 2007 to help online businesses implement more effective payment solutions. They specialise in higher-risk merchant processing such as the CBD industry. They have access to the largest selection of banking partners in the UK that accept CBD sellers, offering online, instore, recurring and telephone payments.

What are the Pros and Cons of Signing Up with Axcess Merchant Services?

  • A Direct banking relationship
  • Dual banking where two banks can be used through the same gateway. This offers resilience in the event that a bank changes their CB policy (as was the case with Viva Wallet recently)
  • The ability to accept CBD vape sellers with some banks
  • They do not need lab reports with some banks
  • They do need a Legal Opinion Letter, but this can be handled by their partner by referral
  • Under 2% processing fees for accounts over £50,000 per month
  • No need for an association relationship with some banks
  • A dedicated UK-based account manager
  • Ability to process purchases throughout Europe in numerous currencies
  • Integrations with WordPress and Woocommerce as well as all major shopping carts

Three things to keep in mind when applying:

The application approval process is lengthy. It can take a couple of weeks to get an account, and they only accept businesses that process over £50,000 per month. In addition, they do not offer Shopify integration.

How Can Established CBD Sellers Get Started with Axcess Merchant Services

If you need a high-risk merchant account for CBD, you can get in touch with Axcess Merchant Services. After an initial conversation, they will need standard KYC (Know Your Customer) and KYB (Know Your Business) documents to get you up and running. You will be assigned a UK-based account manager who will walk you through the process one step at a time.

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