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This is the 1st part in our series in which we aim to break down SEO into bite size chunks. We hope to create an easy guide for small to medium business owners, so they can understand SEO and why they should not rush to outsource it.

Our first post in the series starts on a topic which has been covered many times before but we believe it is necessary to include it for the sake of our series.

Meta tags

Meta tags are not visible on a website page however they are included in the coding. The job of these snippets of text is to explain to search engines what the particular web page is about.

There are two main Meta tags.

Meta Title

This appears at the top of your web browser and should contain around 55 characters. We suggest you use the following method to create your Meta Title:

Your Service or Page | Location | Business Name

The following examples are based on professional massage therapy clinic based in London.

Professional Massage Therapy | London | Company Name

Each Meta tag should be different on each page and should be used to describe the content on that particular page.

Meta Description

Similar to the Meta Title however you can use up to 155 words. This should be written in sentences rather than key points like the Meta Title. You should aim to include every keyword used in the Meta Title in the Meta Description. For instance, using the example above:

Company Name provides a friendly and professional massage therapy service. Based in London, team is highly qualified in Thai massage therapies.

Each page should have it’s own unique Meta Description, should include the keywords of the Meta Title and describe the website page.

Page Title

The main title of your page is visible on the web page and should be wrapped inside an H1 tag. The page title should include the keywords used in both the Meta Title & Description.

Example: Professional Massage Therapy based in London.


The content throughout the web page should include a healthy mix of keywords but never be spammy. It is better to target a few keywords than the ones solely in the Meta tags and titles. For instance in our example you may want to target a variation of the following key terms:

Professional Massage Thereapy, Massage Services, Massage Treatments, Company Name, Location etc.

You can conduct your keyword research by using a free Google tool. Please visit this link.

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