Google chose April 21st as the date to roll out their update regarding mobile friendly websites. They have boosted the ranking of mobile-friendly pages on the mobile search results. It makes it possible for searchers to more easily locate high quality results that are more relevant to what they are searching for – the catch is that the pages that display this information without the need for zooming or tapping will be ranked higher. Pages that require horizontal scrolling or have unplayable content are likely going to completely disappear from the rankings altogether.

What is the Update Affecting?

There are several direct affects that the latest update has had:

  • It applies to the individual pages, not an entire website
  • It affects search results all around the globe
  • It is only affecting the search rankings that are displayed on mobile devices

While this mobile friendly change is an important one, Google is still using a number of different signals for ranking various search results. The actual intent of the search query is still an extremely strong signal, so that even a page that has high quality content is not completely mobile friendly, it may still rank high if the content matches the query.

In order to check and see if you have a website that is mobile-friendly, then you will need to use the Mobile-Friendly Test. If they are not mobile-friendly, then there may be a huge reduction in the amount of mobile traffic that your site receives from Google Search. However, once you correct the issue, you will be able to have the pages reprocessed.

The Reasons behind the Latest Update

Google is continually looking for ways to improve the search results they present to customers. No matter if it is on your desktop, tablet or smartphone, having the most relevant and useful search results is essential. This is just another step in the quest for the best search results possible by Google.

The fact remains that savvy webmasters were aware of these changes long before the most recent announcement. This is a change that Google said was coming for years 0 and now it is here.

The big decision for most webmasters and website owners now is to determine whether or not using a mobile site or a responsive site design is the right option for you. If you want to avoid being penalised by this new change, then making a move now is essential.

As a business owner the fact is that being able to adapt to change and make sure that your business can function well with it will ensure its longevity. Updates from Google are going to keep coming. This update has been coming for quite a while and now that it is here it is time to take action to ensure that your website stays in the forefront of users and searchers mind by giving them what they are looking for in the most efficient and beneficial manner possible.

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