When we first started offering SEO at Cude Design we told ourselves that we need to start planning a local SEO strategy. It is important to start ranking in your local areas before you try take on the world and become the biggest company ever! SEO Surrey is a competitive, often searched keyword but we set out with a plan, after some long hard work Cude Design is a well known, high ranking SEO company in Surrey. When done correctly, local SEO can massively benefit your business. You will receive regular enquiries and fully establish your company in your area.

Here are Some Tips:

Keyword Research:

You need to use keywords that will gain you conversions such as an online purchase, phone call, or a physical to your office/shop. You should not concentrate on the keywords with the highest search volume, high search volumes does not mean masses of people will come to your website and use your service.

Onsite Optimization:

Once you have identified the keywords you are going to use, you need to make sure that the website is fully optimized for the chosen search terms. The title tag, meta description, images, and header tags all need to be adjusted for the targeted keywords.

SEO Surrey

The website content needs to be written for the visitor instead of stuffing the website with the main keywords. You cannot just throw lots of keywords in your site and think you have done, you need to write good quality content that benefits users, so write for the visitor and optimize for the search engines. Remember, content is king! Make sure to also include a contact page on the website that contains the business address and contact details.

High-Quality Link-Building:

Links also play a role in local SEO, and again quality beats quantity. Some time ago people bought thousands of links which boosted rankings. Those days are over and you need high PR links. Focus on getting high-quality links rather than purchasing link packages that just blast links throughout the web. To generate come natural links give users content they can engage with because they result in social sharing, Google loves it!

With SEO nothing ever happens overnight, although many wish it did you need to understand that you are competing. There is no top secret method that will rocket you to the top of Google, but if we find one we will let you know!

Don’t Hide From Clients!

If you think it’s time to start Topping Google locally then speak to us about kick starting your SEO in Surrey campaign, Don’t hide from SEO, that means you’re hiding from potential clients!

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