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Easy Navigation

Navigation needs to be simple, no complicated menus or anything like that, just simple. Visitors to your site and of course Google need to be able to find their way around with ease. So when either you or your web designer starts to build your website make sure your main navigation menu is across the top of the page or even down the left side, it is even proven that these two methods work best!

Responsive Design

It’s 2014, if you have a separate site for a mobile you are classed as a dinosaur (maybe unofficially but to us you are a dinosaur.) A responsive website means your visitors can properly access your site regardless of the device they are using – smartphone, computer or tablet. There are tons and tons of different screen sizes around the world, tablets alone are mainly available in 7inch, 9inch and 10inch, which means you can’t predict what device people will view your site on. You can see where we are going with these… having a responsive website design is a priority. A dedicated mobile-only site does still work, but a responsive design means you won’t run in to any sticky issues like duplicate content.

Optimised Images

When putting your website together you need to make sure the images you are using are fully optimised. This means a couple of things, firstly the image needs to be as small as possible, if you have an image over 100KB in size, don’t use it! Another good tip is to size the images to the actual size you would like them to be displayed, rather than shrinking them in the source code. If you start messing about with image sizes in your code it can increase your load time and if it wasn’t all ready obvious, a website that loads slowly is very bad! Another good tip is to make sure your images have titles and alternate text. Google bots can’t see images so it’s important you describe what they are!


Sitemaps are very useful for websites these days, you have two different kinds; you have a HTML sitemap for the visitors of your website and a XML sitemap for the search engines. Sitemaps give a layout of everything on your website making it easier for both visitors and search engines, if you don’t have a XML sitemap it means your website will not be crawled and you will NOT push further up the rankings!

Need Your Website Optimising for SEO?

If you are looking to optimise your website then why not give us a call? We are based in Surrey and offer a brilliant SEO service that will help you push up the Google rankings and give you the online presence that you need!

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