Over the years we have become increasingly busier, we  have worked on in excess of over 100 different websites, hosting over 70 different websites alone. We have realised that some clients require ongoing support due to the nature of their business and their website. Because of this, we have now introduced our own ticketing system to handle the influx of general requests we receive.

A select number of clients already have access and it is super easy to use. By using the login details provided, you simply login to our customer portal and you will be presented with the Dashboard to create your ticket. Once created, we receive an alert and the ticket will be designed to a team member who is familiar with your project and will communicate directly with you.

The reason we introduced this system is to allow us to manage our time and your website issues in a more timely manner. By opening a support ticket we can quickly assign it to a member of staff instead of liasing back and forth and our email boxes becoming full. In the first full month, over 50 tickets were opened alone!

Would you like access to the support ticket system? If so, drop us an email at [email protected]

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