Recently we downloaded some software and didn’t take too much notice when we flew through the installation process. Unfortunately for the first time in years we downloaded something which turned out to be a pain in the ass to get rid of. The little bit of software in question is called ‘Search and Protect’ by Conduit.

Having researched it, it is not Malware or a Virus. It hijacks your browser and resets your homepage making itself the default search engine. It also starts up automatically and we found it to slow our computer down.

We had a scout around the internet to find out how to uninstall this file and not one process could get round the ‘you do not have permission to delete this file’.

Please find below are simple instructions to delete this annoying be of software:

1. Restart your computer in ‘safe mode’. This is done by turning on your computer and holding down the ‘F8’ key.

2. Once you have accessed the desktop in safe mode access ‘my computer’. This is done by clicking ‘Start’ in the bottom left corner then ‘My Computer’.

3. Click on the ‘C’ drive and then ‘Programs’.

4. Here you will find the program folder ‘Search and Protect’. Right click on this and press delete.

5. Empty the Recycle Bin on your desktop.

You should now be clear of ‘Search and Protect’ by Conduit.

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