Business owners generally adore Google as it enables advertising on a national and global scale while putting your product or service in front of those that are ready to buy. Competition is fierce for the top spots as content marketing and SEO allows any business to compete no matter how big or small.

However, this freedom of speech on Google can have dire consequences if negative information shows up in searches. All it takes is one defamatory or negative review and suddenly when potential customers search for your brand, product or service they are greeted with these sites making a sale almost impossible.

For those that operate solely online this can actually bankrupt a business, especially if custom comes from online sources such as Google or external links. Although it is worrying and obviously bad for business, there are ways in which this matter can be solved.

In some cases these negative reviews are actually unfounded and can be created by your competitors, in which case a simple email to the administrator of the website should see it removed.
Remember though once the information has been removed you must ‘fetch’ Google to index the new page.

A Real Case Study

We’d like to share the case of a client, whose business was affected greatly due to some unfair reviews and comments.

In the first instance we delved deeper to discover where these reviews were coming from. Not just the website source but the administrators and also the people who posted negative press. Usually if you can find out the identity of the poster you can appeal to their better nature.

Swift Solutions

In the case of this client, we discovered the identities and contacted all parties to resolve the matter and to request the page was removed from the website. The negative comments were untrue. It was on a forum so we contacted an administrator and made it clear their claim was unfounded. The name was swiftly removed.

Another two websites agreed that the comments had been there long enough and so removed them without any hassle at all.

Unfortunately not all of the negative press could be dealt with as easily as this, so we used another method.

Drowning Out the Bad Press

This involves drowning out the bad page, ensuring more authoritative content proceeds it on Google. We do this by creating genuine social media accounts for the business and webpages that provide value to the visitor while still promoting the brand. These pages were all optimised for the term that received the negative press.

We managed, through perseverance and the submission of quality content connecting to the business that this negative press dropped down to page 3. Rarely do shoppers get to page three when searching on Google, hence why the first page is so sought after!

Four months on, our client is stress free, he can carry on with his business and feel confident that the visible content on Google will bring him new customers, not scare them away!

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