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What is the Metaverse? This is a question that many people are asking, and for a good reason. Gaining increased popularity, the Metaverse opens up the digital worlds of Web3.0. It offers a uniquely immersive experience that allows users to interact with each other in a completely new way.

This guide will detail what the Metaverse is and how you can enter it!

What is the Metaverse and how does it work?

The Metaverse is a digital world that enables people to create and experience worlds of their own making. Using a metaverse platform lets users build anything they can imagine, from simple 3D environments to entire virtual worlds. Owners of virtual land can then buy and sell their plots of land via popular NFT marketplaces such as Opensea.

The Metaverse also provides a social space for people to connect with others worldwide. When you enter the Metaverse, you are represented by your own avatar – a digital representation of yourself. You can customise a range of different avatars to represent you, or you can create your own.

The Metaverse is constantly growing and evolving as more users join and create new worlds. Ultimately, the Metaverse provides a unique and ever-changing online experience for its users.

Join the Metaverse experience

There is no single Metaverse, and no one can lay claim to it. Below are the two most popular Metaverses being used.

The Sandbox is a unique augmented reality game that allows players to create and share their own custom worlds. These worlds can be shared with other players, and the community can contribute to the universe’s development. The Sandbox offers a unique gaming experience unlike anything else currently available.

Players are given the ability to craft their environments, design their games, and even create their economies. They can also interact with other players’ worlds and collaborate or compete with them on various tasks and challenges.

SAND is the native currency used throughout The Sandbox, which can be used to purchase in-game assets and services. SAND can also be used to tip other users for their creative content or to vote on proposals that will shape the future of The Sandbox game world.

Ultimately, SAND is a tool that allows users to interact with each other and with the game world in various ways. As The Sandbox grows and evolves, the uses for SAND are sure to increase, making it an essential part of the augmented reality gaming experience.

SAND is an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain, and it can be purchased through exchanges such as Binance.

Decentraland is a digital world where you can create your avatar and explore the Decentraland Metaverse. You can interact with other players, play games, and earn rewards. The world is powered by the Ethereum blockchain, which allows for secure transactions and ownership of virtual assets.

Decentraland utilises cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. The currency that Decentraland uses is called MANA, and it can be used to purchase land, goods, and services in the virtual world.

To use MANA, you will need to set up a crypto wallet and link it to your Decentraland account. Once you have done this, you will be able to use MANA to buy and sell land or to pay for goods and services in the virtual world.

As with all cryptocurrencies, the value of MANA can fluctuate causing items to increase or decrease in price over time.

What is the Metaverse and how to enter - Cude Design

So… How to enter the Metaverse?

The Sandbox

To enter The Sandbox and begin to create worlds, you can follow these steps. First, head over to The Sandbox website –

You will need to sign in to the website, and you have several options to do this. If you want to purchase land and interact with The Sandbox, you need to connect a digital wallet to the platform. We would suggest installing MetaMask in your browser.

Once you have installed MetaMask, you can sign up via the Sandbox website and begin interacting with The Sandbox Metaverse.


To enter the Decentraland Metaverse, you should navigate to their website – . Click the bright pink button in the top right-hand corner, ‘Start Exploring’, and you will then be presented with a choice to enter the Metaverse as a guest or connect your digital wallet.

By connecting your digital wallet, you can begin to buy and trade via Decentraland.

How does virtual reality work in the Metaverse?

VR technology is increasingly becoming more mainstream, and the Metaverse is one of the most exciting applications of VR. The Metaverse is a virtual world where people can interact with each other and with virtual objects in a realistic way. To provide users with an authentic experience, VR apps use a variety of sensors and tracking technologies.

For example, head-mounted displays track the user’s head movements and adjust the view accordingly. Other sensors track the user’s hand movements and provide haptic feedback, allowing the user to interact with virtual objects. VR developers can create immersive virtual worlds that offer users a unique and exciting experience using these various technologies.

There is a range of VR headsets on the market, each with its unique features. The most popular VR headset is the Oculus Rift, developed by Facebook. The Oculus Rift has a built-in display and uses sensors to track the user’s head movements.

It is one of the first VR headsets to offer a truly immersive experience, and it has a wide range of applications. Businesses and individuals use the Oculus Rift for training, education, and gaming.

The HTC Vive is another popular VR headset, and it was developed in collaboration with video game developer Valve. The HTC Vive uses sensors to track the user’s movement in a room-scale environment, allowing them to move around and interact with the virtual world.

Another popular VR headset is the Sony PlayStation VR, designed for use with the PlayStation gaming console. The PlayStation VR headset has a built-in display and uses the PlayStation’s motion tracking sensors to track the user’s movement.

How to enter the Metaverse - Cude Design

Facebook renaming to ‘META’

Facebook’s new name, META, is a nod to the virtual universe that the social media giant is aiming to create. The name change reflects Facebook’s shift from being primarily a social networking site to a multi-purpose platform that offers everything from messaging and shopping to virtual reality experiences.

According to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the goal is to create a “metaverse” where people can connect with virtual content more naturally. To that end, Facebook has been investing heavily in virtual reality technology and is also working on developing a social app for Oculus Rift, the company’s VR headset.

Facebook’s recent announcement that they are working on their version of the Metaverse has raised concerns among some people about data collection and privacy. There is no doubt that Facebook’s entry into the virtual reality market will significantly impact the industry. With their vast user base and financial resources, Facebook is in a solid position to dominate the VR market.

Facebook has a history of data breaches and privacy scandals, there is no assurance that users will feel comfortable sharing their personal information with the social media giant. It will be interesting to see how Facebook’s entry into the virtual reality market plays out and its impact on the industry.

The Metaverse will be a place where people can gather to work, play, and socialise, and it will have many aspects of our physical world, including buildings, parks, and streets. People will be able to create avatars to represent themselves and interact with others. Facebook’s version of the Metaverse is called Horizon, and they say that they are committed to making it a safe and inclusive place for everyone.

While META is still in its early stages, it shows promise as a virtual universe that could one day rival the likes of Second Life and World of Warcraft.


So, there you have it! Your step-by-step guide to entering the Metaverse. Would you like to build your own NFT or even learn more about how they work, we can help. Contact us today to discuss your project and let’s get started building your very own piece of the Metaverse.

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