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When accepting payments via your WordPress or WooCommerce website, a common misconception is that by using PayPal as your payment gateway, the end user must have a PayPal account. This is incorrect, there are several ways you can accept payments via your website, if built using WordPress & WooCommerce and we will run through some of these ways below.

Basic ways to accept payments with WooCommerce

WooCommerce comes with a few pre-defined ways for you to accept payments via your website. This include PayPal, Stripe, BACS and Cheque among a few others. All are very easy to set up and allow you to accept payments. What these options do not provide however is for to accept payments directly through the website without being diverted to the third-party payment gateway.

For instance, if you choose PayPal, a window will pop up for the user to make payment via the PayPal website. If you choose Bank Transfer or Cheque, then you will have to process the order manually, marketing it complete once you have checked your bank account or when the cheque has been received.

PayPal Pro

If you have ever made an online purchase, then it would be nearly impossible that you have never heard of PayPal as a possible option to make payments. Accepting PayPal and using PayPal as a payment gateway are two different options. Users can use PayPal to make a payment if they have an account.

By using PayPal Pro, we are then using them as a payment gateway. What this means is, users can pay directly through your website using Visa or Mastercard and PayPal will manage the transaction. You then receive the payment in your PayPal account. There are two benefits of doing this;

1.) The user does not need to leave your website to make payment and they can use their bank card. Additionally, they can still choose to checkout using PayPal directly.

2.) By using PayPal Pro, they handle the transaction which makes it secure. Your website will not be storing any personal details of your customer which could be vulnerable. This takes any stress away of security.

PayPal do charge a transaction fee, you can check out the cool calculator by clicking here to predict how much you will need to pay.

To use PayPal Pro with your WooCommerce website, you must purchase the extension from the WooCommerce shop.

View PayPal Pro
View PayPal Subscriptions


Stripe is an excellent alternative to PayPal Pro which allows users to pay using their debit or credit cards. It is super easy to create a business account and start accepting payments immediately. You can visit the Stripe website here to create an account. When building Eccommerce websites we usually lean towards using PayPal as the gateway solution. However, when building more advanced websites, such as Kalm Pilates, which is subscription based with more complicated features, we have used Stripe to integrate.

The sole reason of this is due to the API and we have found it easier to work with, if you are a standard WooCommerce shop owner, this should not concern you and can be discussed with your developer.

You can check out this excellent article here detailing the benefits of both Stripe and PayPal: Stripe vs PayPal: Who should you choose?

View Stripe WooCommerce Plugin


Personally, we have found WorldPay a lil’ tricky to set up in the past. Firstly, integration seems to be harder work than the two previous options and only recently have we begun to encounter sporadic issues. We shall try to explain but this would probably be more relevant to your developer.

This callback failure means we were unable to pass informationto your server about the following transaction.

So, we began receiving this error sporadically and some transactions were failing. After some initial investigation, we found we had to change a setting on the server to upgrade the TLS connection from 1.0 to 1.1, you can read more about it here:

However, this didn’t fix our issue and having spoken to WorldPay we were told it is because the website is sharing an IP address with other websites on our server. So, we bought another IP address which we hoped to solve the issue……. but, the website is routed through CloudFlare, so it seems we now need to purchase their business package.

As you can see, it does seem WorldPay is a little bit tricky. We have a support ticket open with CloudFlare and will update this post in due course.

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