Finding ways to increase customer visits and improve their experiences are two things that are often on the minds of business owners. With Google virtual tours, it is possible to do both these things – and all from the comfort of the workplace. It’s a very simple process that doesn’t take a great deal of time, but can have a massive effect. Here’s a little more information about the Google virtual tours and what it can do for businesses.

What are Google Virtual Tours?

Google virtual tours are a part of the Google streetview services. The services make use of 360-degree cameras, providing a clear image of the inside of your businesses. Customers can move their mobile devices around to look at different aspects of the store, or they can swipe along the screen instead to get the full 360-degree image. It can also be viewed on laptops and desktops.

It allows customers to take a step into your business and explore what you have to offer before they physically arrive. It helps them to decide if a business is worth visiting – the phrase ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’ has never been truer than it is here. It’s a great form of interactive mapping that lets your customers start from the street and then step into your business.

Which Industries Can Benefit from it?

Essentially anyone can benefit from the virtual tours that Google are currently offering. Whether you are a restaurant owner or have a small shop, you could find yourself benefitting from virtual tours. With regards to the food industry, many people would rather see the inside of a restaurant before they visit, just to see if it is something that would suit them – virtual tours let them do that.

Similarly, it also allows customers to see the inside of places like hotels, so they can take a look at the various amenities as well as the dining area and reception. For shops, it gives people a general feel for the size and what they have to offer before they decide to visit. It’s the perfect way for people to get a feel for a business anywhere in the world.

As a side note, the Google streetview website has a list of certified professionals that can photograph your business for you for virtual tours. There is a list for nearly every country, allowing you to pick someone who is trusted by Google. Always stick to the list, and be wary of those offering the service who are not on there.

How it Can Help Local Business and its Effect on SEO

You would be surprised by the amount of visibility a company can gain by being part of the Google virtual tours. It can help to boost your search engine rankings massively, helping you get a little closer to the top spot on page one of search results.

It also has the potential to convert more clicks into sales, as customers are able to see the inside of your business. So, the effect on SEO is a positive one with huge boosts, and local businesses are sure to see financial benefits.

Here are some statistics that may help put this into perspective:

  • 44% of customers use mapping products when searching for businesses
  • 41% of these searches will result in an on-site visit
  • Listings that contain photos or a virtual tour are twice as likely to generate interest

To Conclude

Hopefully, you have found this information on the virtual tours provided by Google useful. There are so many great benefits to using this technology, and it is something that is only growing in popularity. Offering customers a way to see your business before they visit helps to instil confidence, and lets them know what to expect. It’s a win-win situation that can only continue to improve.

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