So you have your website up and running and your waiting for people to find you on Google but do you know how well your website is optimised for your keywords?? If your website is not built correctly following the right development techniques your website will stand no chance of being found on a search engine.

To help you find out how well your website is optimised we found this simple free SEO test. All you have to do is enter your website address and the keyword you would like to be found for on Google or a similar search engine. For example: and our keyword phrase would be ‘web design surrey’. The test is instant and you will have the results within seconds.

seo tools
Is your web page optimized? Test it now:




So how well did your website do? If it wasn’t good news then don’t worry as Cude Design can easily help you. We provide SEO packages that can suit any budget. If you would like to speak to us directly about what we can do to get your website to number one then contact us here, we will be happy to help!

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