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The CBD oil industry has enjoyed a huge upward trajectory in recent years, which has opened the door to a plethora of new opportunities. However, both new and existing companies in this sector will find that the competition is fiercer than ever too. Effective branding and marketing is the bid to stand out, and our free CBD oil icon set download packages can aid the cause. Poor brand awareness is one of the top reasons why companies fail, but the distinct icons will let consumers instantly know what the company provides. Moreover, they can be used in both digital and print solutions.

Free CBD oil icon sets help build a professional, consistent, and clear branding package. Moreover, with three downloads available, your company should have no problem finding the right graphics for your company. All icons offer flexibility, which enables you to match them to your colour schemes and other elements. Whether starting an SME in the industry, launching new CBD products, or rebranding your company to capitalise on new opportunities, everything you need can be found below.

CBD Oil Icon Set – One

CBD oil icon set number one delivers 10 digital icons that have been created by Cude Design’s expert graphic designers and is available for instant download. The flat icon graphics cover a range of products and accessories that your CBD brand may sell, as well as icons that could be used for categories. The icons are suitable for websites, social media, posters, leaflets, packaging, and more. The list of icons in this CBD oil icon set includes; cannabis bud, cannabis leaf, CBD carbonated drink, coffee, edible sweets, health and love, honey, oil dripper, sleep well, and vaporizer. All icons are accompanied by text titles.

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CBD Oil Icon Set – Two

CBD oil icon set number two has 10 flat icons that are designed in a far bolder fashion than set one. They do not include text details but the bright pink and purple colour scheme (which can be changed on your graphic design package) ensures that the icons will stand out on web or mobile, as well as print. The set includes icons aimed at CBD products, as is shown by gummy bear (edibles), CBD oil, coffee, vaporizer, and cannabis bud designs. Other icons cover issues like payment, information, customer care, website details, and shopping baskets. Several options are versatile and could represent several relevant items.

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CBD Oil Coffee Icon Set – Three

CBD oil icon set number three only has five icons, but they are perhaps the most universally needed icons for brands in this sector. Each icon relates specifically to a CBD product with the list including coffee, CBD bud, and CBD oil dripper. The icons are quite versatile and could be used in a variety of situations. They could define product categories, as part of the brand logo, on product packaging to show that it is a CBD product or to denote a specific product. The simple black and white style gives a simple yet versatile solution. It can also be deemed a more accommodating option for brands that target older audiences.

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