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Your eagerly awaited website is nearing completion and is ready for you to view. We hope this blog post will help you view, test and communicate the necessary changes which need to be made to complete your project.

Download our ‘List of Amendments’ sheet.

We have created an easy to use form which you can edit with Excel to convey and issue or comment regarding your website. By providing as much information as possible in one list allows us to work through all the changes in the most efficient way.

Having worked on 100’s of websites we often find that a ‘List of Amendments’ normally consist of three categories:


Even with our eagle eyes sometimes an item might be missed which can cause a ‘bug.’ These can generally be rectified very quickly. We want your website to be as great as you do so please let us know in a friendly manner and we will gladly get it rectified before your website goes ‘live’.

There are several items we need to know regarding the ‘bug’ such as ‘what device the bug was found on?’ or ‘what browser?’.

Additional Changes

Lastly the list of amendments often contains many items which have not been discussed before. Please bare this in mind when including these items in the list and ask yourself ‘Have I requested this function before?’. If we have overlooked something, we will be glad to add it to your project.

If there is an item you have forgotten to mention to us please include these on a separate list and we will be glad to take a look and see how we can integrate them with your website. There may be a fee for any additional work which maybe requested at this stage.

Grey Area

We are trying to think of a different title for this category! Quite often our clients mistake an item of functionality for a ‘bug’. Once explained it becomes clear why the website is working in this manner. A common example of this is that the website looks different on mobile devices. In fact the reason for this is because the website is ‘responsive’ and is working correctly.

We look forward to your feedback

We estimate that the ‘List of Amendments’ often contains 20% of bugs, 40% in the grey area and 40% are additional changes.

Please remember we want your website to be working and finished as much as you do. Please convey as much information as possible in a friendly manner and we will be more than happy to get your project over the finishing line!

Download our ‘List of Amendments’ sheet.
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